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Internet marketing has become an essential strategy to increase the visibility of your business. However, several businesses do not leverage the repertoire of techniques available with online marketing. As far as paid search is concerned, many business owners are doubtful about its impact and are not aware of the benefits it can fetch.

With the emergence of Mobile technology, a number of tools and technologies have evolved to contribute to the design & development of applications. No wonder, the effectual prominence of mobile apps has helped businesses grow exponentially and it also proffers a long-lasting presence of your business brand amid audience. Moreover,  providing the best mobile experience to your audience can actually help in improving the presence of your business by garnering a strong user base.

The HTML source of web pages put up by spammers often have the source code obfuscated in order to conceal the location of web sites and form destinations. The tools on this page can undo the obfuscation generated by some programs.

Six Revisions has compiled a list of 15 tools for monitoring a website's popularity. From estimating a blog's readership to counting the number of inbound links -- the list has a selection of different free online tools. Here are the first five:

Over at they have a big list of small things that take only five minutes each and make your site better. The advice covers different areas of expertise.

Entrepreneur and designer Ross Johnson has published a nice study of CSS typography on his personal blog. The article reviews ways of creating beautiful type designs using only the capabilities of style sheets, without any images. The CSS code for all examples is provided.


By Helen Bradford ; July 31st, 2017

One of the things that every website owner needs to know is that Google algorithms are getting smarter and more elaborate by the hour. What this means is that the pace at which your website gets indexed and the rank it afterward receives depends on more than its content and links.

By Rose Bennett ; July 18th, 2017

Having a website is essential for anyone who wants to communicate with their target audience, either in terms of business promotions or as an individual.

By Kim Shandrow ; July 17th, 2017

Does your website show up on the first page of search engine results? If it is nowhere to be found on Google, Yahoo or Bing, it is high time you hired an SEO agency. Studies show that people use search engines to find information online.

By James Cummings ; July 6th, 2017

In January 2017, Google started labelling HTTP websites that contain fields for credit card information or passwords as ‘not secure'. Eventually, this will extend to all websites, whether they collect credit card information or not.

By James Cummings ; June 20th, 2017

The domain name you choose for your website is as equally as important as your business name. Your domain name is the face of brand in the digital space, which has become such an integral part of the life of the average consumer.

Another reason your domain name is strategic is that it affects your SEO rankings, and consequently traffic flow and profit potentials. 

By Stephen Taylor ; June 19th, 2017

Since you are already here, it is safe to assume that you are planning to jump on the video marketing bandwagon soon. Like any other marketing segment, it needs planning and even distribution of resources. So you need to take the time to understand what your brand wants out of the campaign and what you can give to your audience.

Here is what you should do to make web video for your brand or product -

i.  Watch a lot of videos -

By Arthur Birch ; June 13th, 2017

Video marketing is no longer an option or luxury. It is a necessity that is keeping most small and medium businesses alive. 2016 was the year of video. Everywhere we looked, videos were inundating every inch of available social media. Videos have changed the way people look at products and businesses. People don't want to read anymore. People don't want to just pictures and scroll through lines of black and white text. Your customer wants something more exciting. Something that bears the promise of better service.