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Internet marketing has become an essential strategy to increase the visibility of your business. However, several businesses do not leverage the repertoire of techniques available with online marketing. As far as paid search is concerned, many business owners are doubtful about its impact and are not aware of the benefits it can fetch.

With the emergence of Mobile technology, a number of tools and technologies have evolved to contribute to the design & development of applications. No wonder, the effectual prominence of mobile apps has helped businesses grow exponentially and it also proffers a long-lasting presence of your business brand amid audience. Moreover,  providing the best mobile experience to your audience can actually help in improving the presence of your business by garnering a strong user base.

The HTML source of web pages put up by spammers often have the source code obfuscated in order to conceal the location of web sites and form destinations. The tools on this page can undo the obfuscation generated by some programs.

Six Revisions has compiled a list of 15 tools for monitoring a website's popularity. From estimating a blog's readership to counting the number of inbound links -- the list has a selection of different free online tools. Here are the first five:

Over at they have a big list of small things that take only five minutes each and make your site better. The advice covers different areas of expertise.

Entrepreneur and designer Ross Johnson has published a nice study of CSS typography on his personal blog. The article reviews ways of creating beautiful type designs using only the capabilities of style sheets, without any images. The CSS code for all examples is provided.


By James Cummings ; December 15th, 2017

A system's reliability is measured in uptime or the length of time a website is fully functional. High uptime figures and network reliability are essential aspects of keeping site visitors happy and boosting traffic to your website. One way to ensure reliability is having multiple redundancies that guarantees that if anything happens, the website isn't affected.

By Sasha Duncan ; December 14th, 2017

In the online world we're living in today, websites have become the places where most people get to interact with businesses for the very first time. Whatever you do to advertise your business is most likely going to send users directly to your website, which should then do its best to convert them to customers.

By CharlieBrown ; December 1st, 2017

Most marketing teams of the day see website traffic and conversion rate as the litmus tests of digital marketing success. Not all visitors become paying customers, and we know that already. The prime focus of these marketing experts and strategists is to design the web pages in such a way that drives more visitors to become customers.

By CharlieBrown ; November 20th, 2017

In the world of competitive landscape, giving assurance to the website can be made by the potential customer. It is the best to go with the steady flow of traffic; leads, conversions, and the result come as revenue.

By Gordon White ; November 17th, 2017

Now when it comes to tech websites, you do not have to revamp their design to improve the search engine optimization of your site. You can enhance SEO and enhance brand visibility online with the aid of content and some simple tips for better engagement and result. When it comes to tech websites, it is essential for you to make them visually appealing. The use of content and text must be balanced.

By Sasha Duncan ; November 14th, 2017

Today, when almost every business has gone online, the professional website is a foundation for every progress and therefore a need that shouldn't be neglected. It seems that with a rapid evolution of technology our lives have become easier, but the truth is that, on the other hand, they may have become even more complicated in certain aspects. The cause for this complexity lies in a large number of choices put in front of us. Designing a website is not an exception and one of the toughest decisions to make is which platform to use.

By Gary Stevens ; November 10th, 2017

As internet speeds increase around the world, it seems that we only get more impatient when it comes to pages that load slowly. This is especially true if we are looking at sites on our phones, where a web page that takes longer than a few seconds to load can be very frustrating.