Must-know Features Of Node.js Inspiring Reliable App Development

With the emergence of Mobile technology, a number of tools and technologies have evolved to contribute to the design & development of applications. No wonder, the effectual prominence of mobile apps has helped businesses grow exponentially and it also proffers a long-lasting presence of your business brand amid audience. Moreover,  providing the best mobile experience to your audience can actually help in improving the presence of your business by garnering a strong user base. Contributing to the same, Node.js has emerged as an imminent app development technology known for its outstanding range of features that help in building remarkable applications. These developed apps can uniformly function on a different range of mobile devices and platforms.   


You might be still wondering why Node.js is so popular? And, what are the major contributions done by this app development framework? Well, before knowing the answers to these questions, one should know about Node.js in detail. Here let's have a look: 

Node.js is generally referred to as a runtime framework that helps in developing server-side applications. It has empowered all the JavaScript coders that help in building real-time web APIs. Choosing an apt framework like Node.js is highly recommended always when you are looking for some platform to create amazing applications. The below-mentioned key reasons are contributing to the rising popularity of Node.js that has helped businesses to get indispensable applications, capable of leveraging the business.    


1. Open Source
Node.js is an extraordinaire server-side scripting framework that consists of remarkable features available for free usage. It is undoubtedly counted among the top five repositories on GitHub. This open-source framework provides the perfect app development environment to the developers. Moreover, it is so popular among the JavaScript developers worldwide for building amazing applications. 


2.  Simplified Usage
Working on a whole new platform and technology comes with a learning process which is vital while working proficiently with any language. Well, the case is not same with Node.js as the developers who have already worked with JavaScript would need no extra effort to work on it. Using JSON, a popular data exchange format, you can actually start working as the backend developer. Moreover, it is the most rapid and easiest method of building apps with dynamic functions.


3. Swift, Agile & Scalable
The speed and scalability of Node.js is incomparable as it is backed by a powerful asynchronous programming system. The applications thus developed work efficiently over multiple devices and platforms. Whenever a request is sent to the app, it automatically routes it to fetch response through disks, databases, and APIs to finally send it back to the clients. Building real-time and high-performing applications has become so easy with Node.js. 


4.  Prevents App Crashes
This robust framework manages to prevent the blocking of input/output (I/O); the blocked input/output may lead to frequent app crashing circumstances. This amazing feature of Node.js helps in ensuring the smooth functioning of CPU by managing the memory usage. 


5. Simplified Interaction With Diverse Push Notification Systems
Using the Socket IO with Node.js applications can help in establishing a real-time communication system amid the server and the client. Conclusively, Node.js can effectively interact with different kinds of push notification systems present on the given device platform.


6. Remarkable Asynchronous Callback Options
Node.js inhibits the amazing function of asynchronous callbacks that actively help in creating space for neutral threading, thereby saving a lot of time and efforts of developers. This amazing feature helps in limiting the use of memory even though the app load speed is increasing continuously. Such impressive usage of memory makes Node.js web development perfect as the leading backend technology.



7. Node Package Manager
The proficient functioning of Node Package Manager in regard to managing libraries is truly unbeatable. It carefully looks after the deployment of all node.js mobile development systems, thus leveraging its function as PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) Provider. It gets easy with a Node Package Manager to move small-sized applications amid different providers.


8. Abundant Added Support
The library of Node.js is perfectly managed for its utilization to produce advanced applications. Moreover, the tools available are high-performing and reliable in their functioning. 


9. Extensive Community Support
It is backed by an ardent team of developers and contributors who keep on uplifting the existing policies of the language along with adding the advanced ones. This helps in integrating and updating the role and beneficial aspects of Node.js, thus benefiting application publishers and users.


10.Integrated With Advanced Functions
This next-gen programming language conforms to all the latest functions complying to the standard conventions of application development. Endowing such advanced functionality within the core helps in building visibly-enhanced, feature-rich and functionally improved applications for a myriad of devices.

Final Words!
Undoubtedly, Node.js is considered as one of the most reliable and validated app development frameworks. The community of Node.js constantly keeps on working to make the functioning of this framework easy to work with and thus, it contributes to the development of extraordinary applications that can seamlessly run on dynamic devices. 

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