HTML Primer
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Welcome to the Collaborative HTML Primer. This wiki-like section of the website is intended to give you, the visitors, an opportunity to help create the best online resource about web design -- one that places valuable information and reference at your fingertips.

Why wiki-like? Because it shares some very important features with mainstream wikis like MediaWiki and DokuWiki: free editting by the community, revision control, automatic creation of page sections using headline tags, and the possibility for discrete editting of those sections as opposed to editting the whole content on the page at once. In the same time we opted out of wiki syntax, because, after all, this is an HTML/CSS-centric resource, and it can be formatted using traditional HTML tags. The other major difference from a traditional wiki is that users cannot create new pages. The reason for that is that there is a finite number of web design and development topics.
Once you register and login, you will be able to edit the chapters of the Primer by clicking the "Edit" button which will appear next to the headline of the page. You will be able to see your revision right away, but the editors of the site will be able to revert to previous versions of the Primer.
Do you wish to contribute to the HTMLPrimer? If yes, feel free to login and share some of your knowledge. For detailed instructions on how to use the HTMLPrimer, see chapter 1, "Introduction."
We welcome your comments and proposals.