By Sasha Duncan ; November 14th, 2017

Today, when almost every business has gone online, the professional website is a foundation for every progress and therefore a need that shouldn't be neglected. It seems that with a rapid evolution of technology our lives have become easier, but the truth is that, on the other hand, they may have become even more complicated in certain aspects. The cause for this complexity lies in a large number of choices put in front of us. Designing a website is not an exception and one of the toughest decisions to make is which platform to use.

By Gary Stevens ; November 10th, 2017

As internet speeds increase around the world, it seems that we only get more impatient when it comes to pages that load slowly. This is especially true if we are looking at sites on our phones, where a web page that takes longer than a few seconds to load can be very frustrating.

By James Cummings ; July 6th, 2017

In January 2017, Google started labelling HTTP websites that contain fields for credit card information or passwords as ‘not secure'. Eventually, this will extend to all websites, whether they collect credit card information or not.

By Abby Whatmore ; February 13th, 2017

Theoretically, you need to have just one block of CSS style sheets per website, which are applicable to every browser that is in use. As soon as you use CSS however, you find this to be just that: theoretical. Browsers today implement CSS standards unevenly, with bugs that are unique to specific browsers. In addition, you may find that a good chunk of your site traffic uses an old browser with very basic CSS support.


By Kerin Miller ; February 3rd, 2017

CodeIgniter is a famous PHP framework that has become the first choice for many proficient web developers and programmers. In this article, we figure out why CodeIgniter is better than other popular PHP frameworks. We bring forward the information on how CodeIgniter benefits and simplifies the web programming and development tasks for programmers.

By MichelleOgeto ; July 5th, 2016

Converting data from one form to another or moving it from one system to another one is a very common activity in IT organizations. Actually it is extremely common in all businesses today. This is because there is no business that is not storing data from various departments it has. This is because data can reveal a whole lot of things concerning the business. There is information concerning the marketing strategies and the finances plus other details. The most important information sometimes is the customer data.

By Maggie Sawyer ; June 23rd, 2016

When we think of the best and most reliable eCommerce platform, Magento is the first name that comes to our mind. More than 13% people across the globe using Magento to build highly intuitive and dynamic online store.


It is considered to be the best eCommerce solution that comes with tons of powerful features that will help you set up a fully-functional web store at the drop of a hat. It offers some of the advanced e-commerce functions such as customer services, store management, improving sales, rewards, feedback, and a lot more.


By Jason Daszkewicz ; June 20th, 2016

By Mohit Patil ; March 18th, 2016

Another version of the markup language is out and all of you must be waiting for your ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ to be straight-lined. Since the day web started, many versions of HTML have been created and the most recent one is HTML 5. The web is growing at a speed faster than anyone has ever thought of.

By Jonathan Hawkins ; August 9th, 2012
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Google has launched the new Structured Data Dashboard in webmaster tools to help site owners get even more visibility into how Google sees our site structurally. Can it help you?

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