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The HTMLPrimer is a collaborative web design resource, which is being constantly improved by visitors to the site and administered by the editors. In order to participate in this novel approach to creating the ultimate web design guide, you will need a user account. Everyone can read the Primer, but only registered users can edit it. Registration is free and apart from allowing you to edit pages from the Primer, it also allows you to post comments without moderation, and also to submit your articles about web design for publication to


HTML and some related topics, discussed in the Primer, are essential to both people who think about starting a web page of their own, and people who plan on becoming professional web designers/developers or internet entrepreneurs. The value of the Primer to such people is that it contains practical, contemporary advice on how to effectively create efficient, standards compliant layouts.


Please note that after you register, your modification to the Primer will become visible immediately (actually, after a couple of minutes, due to technical reasons); it will remain visible if it is an improvement. The revision system of the HTMLPrimer allow editors to revert to previous versions.


Version 1.0 of the HTMLPrimer allows registered users to add, edit, or remove content from existing pages. As the project progresses, we are considering opening page creation to users. For now, if you feel that a new chapter is needed, please use the contact form or the comment system. The existing chapter structure is easily accessible from the menu to the right.


We encourage you to share your expertise, but please do that in a intelligent and comprehensive manner. Thank you for your interest in, and have fun!