Take Your Web Marketing to the Next Level With These 7 Effective Logo Design Tips
By Kevin Urrutia ; February 17th, 2020

You may deem that designing a logo is an easy task.


Well, if you think that designing a logo is simple, then think again. There is actually more to crafting your brand's visual identity than just placing a name in a circle (and a couple of graphics) and calling it a day.


Your logo serves as your company's first impression, and it can have an impact on your brand's perception, customer purchasing decisions, and overall attitude towards your product.


Here are seven effective logo design tips that will take your brand to the next level:


First, know your brand

Before you go on designing your logo, you must first know your brand and gain some specific insight into it.


Your logo must be set on reaching a particular group of people, most of it should be your target customers. You must have a good understanding of what your brand, business, and the market is all about ‒ something that we always tell our client at VoyMedia Marketing Agency NYC.


Figure out what your brand ideology is, as well as what inspiration it holds for the future. Remember that your logo design is not for you. It is for your target audience.


Use the right color scheme

When taking into consideration your brand personality, you must think about every aspect of an image.


While bold and bright colors are designed to capture someone's attention, it could also come off as a bit brash. On the other hand, while muted hues tend to exude sophistication, it also tends to be overlooked.


Every color will have a different meaning. The last thing that you want to happen is to convey the wrong message to your audience with just a simple color.


Finding the right color hues is crucial to your design. Pick a color that represents what your brand stands for. You could do so by picking one or two main colors.


Keep it simple

A simple logo will exude a memorable design. Take Nike's logo for instance, which is just a swish, while Pepsi only has two colors.


So, what does a simple logo mean? Well, when we speak of one, it should only have one or two colors, fonts, and other important elements. Viewers should be able to get the message at first glance.


When you have too many confusing fonts and colors, then it already sends a confusing message to viewers.


Take note that simplicity is not just restricted to logos only. All your graphic designs should be simple, neat, and clean.


Make it timeless

A lot of graphic design trends keep on evolving each year. While it is tempting to embrace these trends, there is a good reason why they are called "trends." Meaning, its popularity will eventually fizzle out.


That's why you have to pick a logo that will last. Trends come and go in the design industry.


If you pick a logo because it is "in trend," your logo will soon end up out-of-date and you will be back from square one. You might have to completely rebrand your company in the future and do that again and again.


Hence, your logo should be timeless. Your logo should also be creative enough so that it stands out from the sea of your competitors' logos.


Moreover, your brand identity should be strong enough and should not be conceived from a single trend. It should be able to adapt over the years and stay true to its main design. It should have a timeless aesthetic value.


Match the font with your branding

A lot of designers do not think so much about the fonts they choose. Most of them just pick randomly. But your fonts speak about your brand's personality.


For instance, the font that is used for a toy company is a handwritten typeface. It is because children are their target market. You also want to project your brand or business as child-friendly.


Meanwhile, if you are picking a logo for a rock band, then you have to pick bold fonts that represent the band's personality. If the font you choose does not speak directly to your brand, then you could be sending the wrong signal to people.


Also, try to stay out of gimmicky fonts. As much as you can, try to pick a unique font that is designed specifically for your logo. You could also make use of high-quality fonts that are largely available online.


By using it along with the right colors, you could come up with a logo and brand identity to both.


Must be impressive even without colors

Another effective tip when creating a powerful logo design is that the black and white version is equally as impressive.


There will be a lot of instances that your logo will show up without colors. It could either be on documents, newspaper ads, and so on. Still, your logo should have a good, lasting impression on the people that view your ad.


A great way to make your logo impressive in a black and white design is to make sure they look great in the sketching type. When you draw it in a pencil sketch, you will not be relying on colors.


Many people think that their logo will look great once they fill it with colors. But you could also come up with a memorable design without the colors as well.


Don't expect it to be an instant hit

Logos take time to gain popularity. It will not be an instant hit. It will still depend on your overall success in the industry, as well as in the market that it exists.


You have to be patient enough in your design, especially if you have not received the attention you initially hoped for.




Having a strong logo design is essential. Creating the perfect logo might be a challenge, and making it visually appealing can be a bit difficult. But with the right knowledge and working with the right people, you can certainly create an effective logo that best represents your brand.

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