8 Shocking Facts About Web Design That You Need to Know
By Juliette Anderson ; April 13th, 2020

Most (if not all) of the businesses in the modern world, need a good web design to be able to stand out in the market.


The thing about web design, though, is that you're unsure if it's working well for your site visitors. While you'll know based on user feedback if your website is terrible. Regardless, it's always a good idea to invest in excellent web design.


There are certain intricacies to web design that most web designers only know, but it would serve you well to know about them too. If you want to know a little bit more about web design, then here are eight shocking facts about web design that you need to know:


1. User attention span is decreasing

Studies showed that the attention span of people is falling. Our attention spans have dropped to a little over eight seconds, just a couple of seconds shy than that of a goldfish's.


You can interpret this in different ways, but one of the things you can take away from this is that you should create eye-catching content.


Another study has shown that people have become more selective with the content they focus on. Nonetheless, people have a better and more robust ability to focus on the content they choose.


It's not that people's attention spans are decreasing. It's also because they've become better at filtering through the millions of content that they get daily. Therefore, you should ensure that you create content that's worth it and stands out from the crowd.


2. Lists are better than large paragraphs

When it comes to content, you want to ensure that you break things down. A wall of text is not the most appealing content to consume.


Therefore, if you want to keep the attention of your web visitors while you have them, ensure that you break down your content into easily consumable blocks.


This phenomenon is the reason why listicles or using lists are great for written content.


3. Good coding is the engine

Video content is a great way to capture the attention of your audience. However, a lot of the time, these video files are large and tend to slow down your site, which isn't going to better the user experience.


To avoid having this issue, Kenneth Sytian, a web designer in the Philippines, emphasizes that proper coding on your site is vital to have an optimized video. Doing so can create a stunning visual content on your site without slowing down its page load speed.


4. Cater to different browsers

When testing your website design, ensure that you check it on multiple browsers, not only the ones you use.


Ensuring that your website caters to different major browsers will help your website look good no matter what browser your web visitor is using.


It will ensure that the user experience isn't poor based on the web browser that your visitors are using.


5. Demographics play a huge role in user behavior

When designing your website, you have to consider the demographics of the products or services that you are offering.


Knowing your demographics will help you determine what their online behavior is. Thus, giving you a better understanding of how to shape and mold your website based on your consumers' behavior.


6. Speed is a must

A huge factor that you should always be vigilant of when you are designing your website is how fast your website loads.


A fast loading rate of your site will improve user experience. Plus, search engines take into account how fast your site is when they're deciding how high to rank you on their search results.


Therefore, you should think of your website loading speed as a priority.


7. A lot of consumers find a company via the blog

Even if you're not a blogger, it's still worthwhile to have a blog because it helps consumers find your business. Since you are creating content that is useful and relevant to your target audience, you're going to attract an audience for sure.


Maintaining a blog that produces content that is relevant to your target consumers is how you can make your website more accessible.


8. Images and videos rock

You should ensure that you invest in high-quality visuals that you can put up on your website.


Although text content is fine, it's even better if you have images and videos to go along with it. It's all about keeping your content engaging.


If all your audience has to engage with are walls of text, then their eyes are going to get tired from reading through it. They'll likely click away and proceed to another website.


With the help of visual aids, you manage to get your message across while at the same time having an audience to read that message.



It's easy to design a website nowadays, but what's hard is creating a good web design.


It may be easy to start, but if you want to get results from your site, you have to be more deliberate about what you put into it.


Hopefully, the shocking facts listed above can help you figure out a little more about what goes into designing an excellent website.


Remember that as long as you prioritize customer experience, then you're on the right track.

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