WordPress CMS vs Hand Coded Website: Which One Is Better To Use
By Sasha Duncan ; November 14th, 2017

Today, when almost every business has gone online, the professional website is a foundation for every progress and therefore a need that shouldn't be neglected. It seems that with a rapid evolution of technology our lives have become easier, but the truth is that, on the other hand, they may have become even more complicated in certain aspects. The cause for this complexity lies in a large number of choices put in front of us. Designing a website is not an exception and one of the toughest decisions to make is which platform to use. Should you go for the traditional hand-coding or is it better to use Content Managment System? Here we will present the ups and downs of both platforms in order to help you determine which suits you better.

Using WordPress

There are many available Content Managment System platforms, among which WordPress is the most popular simply because it is the most used - 26 % of all the websites on the internet. What this platform does is that it basically gets you in the position where you can manage your website from a user-friendly interface. This means that you are able to make all the changes on your website from an admin area. People usually go for this option because it is pretty easy to understand, even if you are an absolute beginner. Nevertheless, you'll probably need some time to get familiar with the software and it will require some effort, but these advantages will make it worth it:

  • Effective maintenance

The very fact that it is quite simple to use allows you to create and update pages on your website without any difficulty. This is mostly due to its intuitive user interface. And the best thing is that you don't have to call your developer to do the job and pay him additionally - it's enough just to log in.

  • Served on a plate

What comes in pretty handy are the ready-made templates you can use freely on your website. There are thousands of these themes and they are all developed by professionals from all over the world.

  • Powerful upgrade

Websites created by the WordPress have an option for adding any functionality you can think of. This allows you to extend your existing website by adding photo galleries, contact forms, reservation systems, etc. All you need to do is to go through a very easy plugin installation process and you're good to go.

  • You're in control

Maybe the best thing about using WordPress is the fact that you'll have an absolute control over your website and all of its contents. This means that you are free to make any changes you want to make and you're not limited considering users, traffic, sales or popularity growth.

Using HTML

Despite many advantages WordPress offers, still, most of the websites are created with the traditional hand-coding method using HTML, creating their web pages using a variety of scripting and markup languages. The biggest difference is that WordPress uses the database for storing and retrieving content, while in the case of HTML all your content is in static files. In this difference lies the reason why HTML is still so attractive to users - it doesn't require regular backup, nor do you have to install any updates. If you don't change anything, it's enough just to backup your website once. But if you do want to update it, that can be very difficult if you're a beginner. Same goes for any additional features. So, basically, it seems very simple, but if you want to upgrade it, it becomes pretty difficult. A there is the cost. If you want to create HTML website for your business, you will need to hire a web developer. And if you decide to update it or to add some special features, you'll probably need to hire him again.

So, which one is better to use?

From the text above the answer seems simple. With WordPress, you have an easy and free maintenance, while HTML requires an assistance from a web developer. WordPress offers a wide range of ready-made templates and a free possibility to upgrade and you're again gonna need a web developer for that if you're using HTML. To sum up, with WordPress you're in control, while in HTML it's out from your hands. As I said, it seems simple, but it's not quite like that. When you are deciding which platform to use, you should always take in consideration the nature of your business. It's always recommendable to ask for advice from experienced and trusted professionals like Nirmal agency because they will know to tell you which option is better for your business. Although it seems like everything in WordPress is on ‛automatic pilot', there is a big chance that you'll need some professional assistance in the beginning before you get the hang of it.

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