Where did we go wrong about Customer Service on Social media?
By Selina Jenkins ; August 9th, 2016

Businesses need the customers to grow and prosper. It beats logic to think that you can mistreat customers and expect to see your business grow in leaps and bounds. This is the main reason why customer care is very critical if prosperity of your business is on the list of your goals - is should always be the case. Thinking about it and why we should be keen to give the best, where did we go wrong because everyone is so bad at it?

While many marketers and promoters of businesses consider using the social media to expand the capacity of their customers, they put very little effort in ensuring that they cater for the needs of these potential lot of customers in a humanely manner. According to Chicago SEO, the main reason for this is that when these businesses decide to use the social platforms, they only do that for marketing and overlook the possibility and opportunity of using these sites to engage their customers.

1.  Let's look at statistics

Basing on statistics on a research done in the past year, most of the businesses that have opted to use the social media respond to only 66% of the total interactions they receive. Is it me alone or do you also see a lot of potential going to waste? The remaining percentage of responds ignored is the part of customer service which needs a lot of reforms if we are supposed to up our game matters customer service.

You will agree with me that a bug in the architecture of the customer service framework is the main cause of such mishaps. To explain this, there is no precise allocation of the responsibilities to run the social media platforms and the phone. This way, you end up having a specific issue by a customer by different customer service personnel who have no clue at all. The customer will explain his/herself multiple times until they cannot take it anymore.

When such a customer is pissed off, they may end up complaining on the same platform on which they could not get assistance about how they have tried using various channels but all in vain. This s definitely bad for your business. And however you may think to counteract this with a more powerful brand promotion, it will not match the damage already done. As a matter of fact, you can end up losing a large percentage of your customers to a competitor with robust customer services.

After considering the consequences of a bad customer service, you should aim at boosting your customer rapport. To be clear on the impact of effective customer relations, consider further results of the research: more than half of the customers who have had a positive customer service will continue using the business and way over 60% of this group of customers will recommend the services of the business to others.

On the other hand, more than half of the customers who get a negative customer experience will never use the company again and will tell their friends, your potential customers, to never use the services of the business at all. Some would also take it to social media for revenge. They will post a negative review of your products and services by sharing the bad experience they had to go through. Avoid like a plague losing customers because of a simple mistake that you could prevent.

2.  The Remedy for Negative Customer Services

It will be unfair to end this article without talking about the remedy for the bad customer relations as far as the customer services are concerned. Just like marketing is important for any business, so is customer services. These two departments of the same business should not conflict for attention. You should put in place measures to ensure that the one department does not overshadow the other for whatever reason.

The prospering businesses that use the social media for customer service have addressed the issues that I have raised in this article. They have restructured their customer service framework to have defined duties at every post. This will encourage systematic execution of duties and to avoid repetition of the errors that could be committed otherwise. The target is ensuring that the customer has the best experience at all time that could lead to them recommending the company to friends.

Some channels that could be used to interact with customers include email, telephone and the various social media networks. Unlike the telephone where the issue can be settles immediately, the other channels will require that you keep a tab on the specific queries that could take longer to settle given that some customers may take long to get back online in the platforms. The notification for new comments and direct messages should assist you here.

With all that said and done, the success of your strategy will entirely depend on the quality of service you are offering on the various social media platforms. Are you using the right language? Are you actually addressing the matter at hand? How long are you taking to respond to questions? All these are questions that need specific answers to have precise answers to get the most out of your plan to improve customer services on social media.

With the growth of businesses comes the complexity in the nature of addressing customer relation services. This is usually the case especially when the business diversifies to be involved in many different products. It is also worth noting that methods of dealing with customer services are also developing technology wise, such as having an option to provide the services in the native language of the customer despite the actual location of the business.

In cases where the business is involved in many channels and it consequently gets challenging to resource for all these channels, it is advisable to focus on the channels used by most customers and optimizing the services offered there.

I am positive that taking into consideration every issue raised here and their possible remedies, you will improve the customer services you offer for the growth of your business.

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Selina Jenkins is an IT expert with a lot of experience and has been working with Chicago SEO. This revolves around marketing and customer services on various social media platforms. She has gained enough experience and written many articles on customer services including this very elaborate piece. To read more, visit the website.

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