A Perfect Checklist For Perfecting Your App Store Optimization
By Tom Hardy ; October 6th, 2017

It is said that everyone gets a single chance to prove his/her potential. Similarly, when you decide to launch an app on app stores, you don't get a second chance to promote your app if it leaves a bad impression on users in first time.

App store optimization is the single way out to reduce this problem. You must be thinking that what is ASO - App Store Optimization? It is a popular way of ensuring that your app meets app store ranking criteria and reaches on the top of SERP. Now, the main concern is, how an app marketer optimizes the newly built app to gain a prominent niche in app store? The answer to this question is well-organized app store optimization. With a balanced approach, any business can make its app noticeable on all app stores.

App marketers need to follow a specific process if they want to seamlessly cover all aspects of app store optimization. To assist them, we have put together a detailed checklist which enables marketers to successfully implement proven tactics and bring their app on the top of app store searches.


Let's dive in to get proper insights:

Understand Your Customers & Competitors

How well you know your customers and market competitors reflects your attentiveness towards your app promotion. Following a well-formed ASO strategy helps marketers to understand that how users use your app. So, if you want to advertise the newly developed app on app stores, make sure that you are completely aware of the competitive landscape of your competitors.


Choose A Unique App Name

Your app must have the power to attract users in a first glance. But, without a creative yet powerful name, it can't attract customers on app stores. Before developing an app, it is mandatory to create a short & sweet name for your app. More importantly, marketers should also include app keywords in app's name so that it could work to fulfill app store optimization purpose.


Research For Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is great in order to get favorable results for your app. It is similar to placing keywords for a website through SEO. This can be done by utilizing specifically designated tools for keyword research. This is the most important step which you can't overlook when it comes to promoting an app on app stores. So, make sure that you are giving ample time to your app's keyword research.


Create Attention-grabbing Description

Your mobile app development should be user-oriented so that it could get high praise from customers. In completing app development process, a creative description plays a significant role. If you are proceeding without an app description, you may fail to compel your target audience. By adding attention-grabbing and a compelling copy of description to the app, you will achieve improved number of downloads and added values for your business. Along with ongoing description, you can also add app's features list describing each aspect clearly to the readers.


Stand Ahead With An Unique Icon

An icon is something which impresses the users within a single stroke, so it should be created by keeping users' perspectives in mind. The audience sees your app icon first, therefore it is suggested to design the app's icon with a beautiful and impressive appeal. At the time of developing an app, it is necessary to contribute ample time to finalize the best icon for your upcoming app.


Include Videos & Screenshots

To gain maximum downloads, it is a good strategy to create descriptive videos and capture screenshots. These are the only visuals you are providing to your audience with the app. Images and short videos convey clearer message and add life to an app's presentation. So, if you want excellent results for your app store optimization, don't forget to include screenshots and videos to increase chances of app visualization.


Think of App Localization

An app is developed either for a small group or for universal customers, it is your duty to decide your app's preferences. If your app is developed for a larger customer base, then app localization would be the best option to get closer to your target audience. The best example of app localization is converting the language of your description to other languages so that people from non-English background could also explore your app on app stores. So, there is no loss in adding functionality to your app for making it usable for other language people. By doing so, you can enhance the success prospects ratio for your app.


Wrapping It Up:

It is really important for app developers and marketers to understand what actually works on the internet. When you apply each of our listed tactics for app store optimization, it will help you to get proper insights of app promotion. For app optimization on major app stores, it is required to focus on creating a strong & compelling environment. Go with it and you will definitely succeed in your venture.

Author Bio             

Tom Hardy has hands on experience as a SEO Expert. He currently works at Sparx IT Solutions: Mobile App Marketing Company and offers exceptional SEO auditing services to the global clientele. Also, he writes informative blogs and articles on varied SEO related subjects and helps readers know the best tips how to optimize a website over the web using SEO tools and techniques.

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