5 Top Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Lots of Real Instagram Likes
By Walter Moore ; April 11th, 2017

Instagram is a site that is focused on engagement. You can't post a lot of text on it and you can't put up lengthy ads on it. It is more driven by the likes, comments and shares that you get on your posts. If you aren't getting a lot of these, it shows that you aren't doing something right.Here are some of the things that you may be doing wrong.

1.      Not posting relevant images

Post images that your audience would like to see. If you post the wrong images, no one will respond to them.

For instance, your images shouldtell a story. Isolated images may fail to capture the interest of your followers. For example, just posting the photo of a skyline may not be very interesting to your followers. However, if you post a photo of a skyline with an ocean or lake in front of it, this is more likely to get you more engagement.

Also, memes, badly edited images, boring photos or poorly lit photos will not get you any engagement. So if you are not getting any real Instagram likes,check the quality of your photos.

2.      Not Spacing out your posts

Posting a lot of pics back to back may not get you much engagement.This is because you are filling up the feeds of your users. This can be bad for you, especially if your photos are not very interesting. It can even result in you losing some of your followers.

Space out your posts throughout the day. Even if it means that some of your photos will not be posted during peak times.

3.      Ignoring comments

By liking and commenting on your posts, your audience is expressing interest in what you have to say. The least that you can do is to talk back to them and acknowledge their feedback.

Some of the ways you can do this is by expressing your thanks, especially ifthey share your posts. You can also use emojis or just let them know that youhave seen their comment. This will increase your engagement rates since your audience will see that you care enough about them to take time to reply to their comments.

4.      Setting profile to private

If you have set your account to private, chances are that you will not get a lot of engagement. You need to change your profile to public so that people can see even the photos where you've used hash tags.

Only set your profile to private when you are trying to rebrand, remove posts or trying to recover a hacked account. After dealing with these issues, revert back to a public profile. If you are on private mode, a lot of people are not going to bother to request you to let them follow you.

5.      Not having a caption

Your captions help to capture the essence of your photos. Use them to your advantage to add a little oomph to your photos.

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