We are re-launching!

HTMLPrimer.com has been redesigned and relaunched with new features aimed towards improving usability and user collaboration. The site's main attraction, the Collaborative HTML Primer, is being reintroduced in a wiki-like format, which enables site visitors to edit its contents. Other improvements include a new flexible user management system, an Ajax voting system, and improved design layout.

The collaborative HTML Primer allows site visitors to gain general knowledge on HTML and CSS, as well as share their own web design tips and tricks with the community. The Primer follows many wiki conventions: it provides user editting capabilites, revision control, and section editing. Unlike most wikis, the Primer uses HTML formatting. By using HTML instead of the wiki format associated with software like Mediawiki, and by taking advantage of the site's code hightlighting capabilities, site visitors can edit web design related content with minumum effort.

Currently, the Primer has several major sections, covering introduction to HTML and CSS, chapters for advanced learners, cheet sheets, and more. In the future, as the existing chapters are finalized with contributions from the community, new chapters on modern web development topics will be added.

The new HTMLPrimer.com offers several distinct types of content that are of interest to internet professionals and enthusiasts alike. The latest product releases and company announcement are covered by the Industry news section; while the editorial staff provide trend watch and their take on latest events in the Editor's blog. The article selection provides insight into the latest techniques for creating effective web sites.

Contemporary wisdom dictates that nothing is final, only the latest version. Thus, expect new and exciting features to appear on the site in the near future.

A big "Thank You" goes out to everyone in the Drupal community.

We welcome your comments on the new design and functionalities.

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