A timeline of web browsers

Over at Wikipedia Commons they have a fairly informative graphic with the evolution (or is that intelligent design) of all the web browsers from the very first one -- Mosaic, to the latest shiny pieces of web surfing software. This is the link.


I noticed that the graphic does not include Safari 3; anyway, that is easily remedied: you can read about it a couple of blog posts below. Also, but don't take me as an authority on this, shouldn't the first entry in the timeline be WorldWideWeb, the browser developed by Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the world wide web, back in 1991? These seem to be omissions on the part of the graphics's author. On the plus side, the browser timeline is sure to present you with some names you've never heard before (Shiira?), and inform of you of when different browser appeared and how are they related in terms of underlying technology.

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