Quanta -- "The Best Web Page Editor" for Linux?

Linux Magazine has published a short, yet radiant, review of the open source web page editor Quanta Plus. According to their article, which requires a free registration to view, Quanta strikes a middle ground between a WYSIWYG editor and a pure text editor.


The features listed include code completion, visual editing, context-sensitive help, and more. Quanta is included into the KDE desktop environment, is compatible with Gnome, and can be easily installed into popular Linux distros, including Ubuntu.


"So, why is Quanta so gosh-darned good? It rolls the best features of other editors into one coherent package, making it a joy to use."


Now, free web page editing software is all well and good, but is professional software like Dreamweaver and GoLive really threatened by the likes of Quanta and Aptana? Probably more so than Photoshop is from Gimp.


Also, keep in mind that we have a special section in the Primer dedicated to your favorite web design tools, where you can contribute.It's a bit lean right now, but that is set to change soon with the dedicated effort of the editorial team. We promise.


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