Free online Photoshop service nearly ready, by the looks of it

Photoshop Express has been in development for at least half an year now, and during a presentation at the recent Photoshop World event the online application came across as nearly finished. John Loicano, Senior Vice President at Adobe over the Creative Solutions Business Unit, presented a product that seemed to work without a hitch, so now we have to wait and see when it will launch officially.


Photoshop Express is a hosted service, intended for simple manipulation of images, such as color adjustment, resizing and cropping. Thus, after its release, it will be immediately useful to the majority of people online, who often need to perform such tasks for their personal, and sometimes professional, needs -- manipulating an image is often required before it is placed on a blog, or a company website's press section.


Adobe has already tried something similar with Premiere Express, which is a dumbed-down, but still functional, version of their video editing software. It is targeted at the consumer level, and is not intended to replace Premiere proper. The same thing is valid for the second, upcoming member of the Express family.


Of course, you can always purchase the full version of Photoshop or go the open source way with Gimp, but how many people can say they need the entire myriad of options that the full suites possess?


The online, Photoshop-branded, zero-installation, rich internet application will not be the first of its kind, but given Adobe's expertise in image processing, it is likely to be best.



Photoshop Express. Click for larger version.



Via John Nack on Adobe

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