How To Select Your Website Color Scheme?
By Sam Singh ; April 18th, 2017

The first website didn't look attractive. Still, people didn't stop exploring it and kept on browsing it longer and longer. Same happened to the websites that came afterwards. Once the amount of websites reached a considerable number, people became selective. They would only go to those websites that appealed to them in some manner. That was the 90s.

Fast forward 2017. The World Wide Web is swarming with all kinds of websites. Such is the amount that you can even find a website that can help you do your laundry or any peculiar thing you can think of right now. 

In this era of huge competition, your website needs to stand out. 

Choosing the color scheme of your website is, therefore, the most significant part of your website construction. This is the moment when you don't just think out-of-the-box, but instead tear it open. 

How to choose the right color scheme for your website?

Considerations - Yeah, that's the key. You need to consider a lot of things in order to pick the right color scheme for your website. 

Let's start by considering your brand logo. Do you have a logo? A lot of brands follow their logo when it comes to picking the color scheme of their website. This has worked quite well for many. Take for instance, McDonalds or Pizza Hut. These companies use the same color as that of their logo prominently in their websites. 

Next, consider emotions. You read it correct! Emotions do play a role. In fact, colors affect humans at a very personal level and each color has a tendency to bring out a certain kind of reaction. Red is associated with urgency and alert, green is to relax, and so on. Also, colors have different meaning across different cultures. Consider the color psychology as well thereby. 

Consider age group. Is your website about children? If yes, keep the website as much colorful as you can. Is your website about women, soft color like pink or yellow can be more visually pleasing. 

Number of colors - Next is about deciding how many colors to use. Websites can be single color which otherwise are called monochrome. Valuable brands generally go for two colors. There is one other option that websites generally go for. 3 colors. There is one dominant color here whose prominence is 60%. The secondary color covers 30% of the website and an accent color covers the rest 10% of the website. 

Context - Context is where goes what. Choose whether your background is going to have a neutral or white color. Carefully selected color combinations will evoke the right reaction from your users. 

Lastly, find a service provider that would help you understand the trend and pick the right colors for your website. A London based web design agency is offering just what you need to create visually-appealing website. 

No matter where you hail from, this London based web design agency ensures top-notch web designs that will be no less than a treat for your audience.

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