How And Why Should You Categorize The Framework For Web Development?
By Elena Randall ; October 18th, 2019

Web development is a profession where you can earn by yourself with just having an internet source and certain qualities and properties must practice obtaining a proper position as a web developer. When it comes to feature you have to consider about its design, coding style, and marketing and when it comes to either side then you have chosen the appropriate framework which stabilizes the required product as website and helps to minimize the time to work as a developer.

These two factors must be following to acquire a proper website. The design includes the structure you planned for the website as it links with the marketing strategy called silo structure and certain strategies. The next part is a coding style where you have to be more conscious to select the appropriate programming language which can in later customize when the error occurs and also it has benefits to reduce the time taken to develop the website.

Both of these terms are useful to build a basement of marketing as it increases the loading and interaction speed towards the users and when it comes to the property side, it is a requirement to choose an appropriate framework so that it can help to support the web applications. Thus I have mentioned the top frameworks based on its features which help to build a proper website.

Back-End Framework


This framework can also spell as simply Express is a framework designed to develop back-end projects. As it open-source and this framework has many followers and popular among top web companies. It is also called a de facto standard server framework which was developed under the MIT license. It helps to manage almost everything as from routing to handling requests and views. The flexibility of this framework increases the users to adopt it but the major con is that there is no defined technique to operate the system. It offers scalability and an easy way to learn. Thus it is suitable for the mid-level programmers.


It is popular among the python developers due to its easy approach and less line syntax. Certain companies have adopted this framework for developing the site as the language is suitable to develop many functions such as data analysis, machine learning, etc. That's why the Django framework is getting busy nowadays. It works on a pattern called Convention Over Configuration and even dry pattern too. The important reason to adopt this framework is about its security as the website functions can hold a strong logic to get operate. Bundle of features is included with its features such as authentication and messaging.


It is a Model-View-Controller based framework and developed by Ruby and popular among certain groups of developers. This framework is established by many top companies such as Airbnb, GitHub, Hulu, and Shopify. The concept of this framework is easy to learn and build a website. The advantage of using this framework is library free and can extend its functionalities based on the application. The license under MIT and the author are David. It consists of many advanced concepts build in such as routing, layout, etc. As it is a high-level language, it is more fun to develop a website with it. You can even build the application from scratch with fewer lines of code.


It is also a Model-View-Controller based framework and uses PHP to maintain and control. This framework is one of the most famous frameworks among web developers.  It supports many features to develop the website with more advantage such as building authenticate and authorized systems and can integrate easily with mail services. This framework allows functioning to work fast and you can also automate the work easier for testing and you can also migrate the database easily than other frameworks. Thus it is more applicable for business-based applications. Those who wish to learn as a beginner can easily make use of this framework to begin their program.


This is a Model-View-Controller based framework which is under Java and most usable framework of java lovers. Many top sites such as Wix, TicketMaster, and BillGuard were using these frameworks for working. It is a chain-based project used to perform business base projects to scale easily. As it uses the java thus the level of the framework with the function is strong and robust. Thus this is the main reason for using this framework but as a beginner, it's difficult to learn the framework to implement as you must be strong in the fundamental of Java framework.

Front-End Frameworks


It is the most wanted framework from the front-end developers as the option of maintains the code is easy and more interactive with the solution. Thus most of the clients get to try to approach this framework is the reason for getting demand. It was developed by the Google team. The main drawback of using this framework is the size when you compare to other frameworks. You can optimize it with SEO too and also maintain the function with ease to handle the web application. No need to use functions that are based on observable features and also easy to modify the page DOM instead of using the inner Html code.


It is a library for front-end developers, not a framework. This has been used to work on component-based architecture, where many other frameworks have started it now. The application gets faster while using the React library due to the manipulation of DOM and also the beginner can ease to adopt and understand this library faster as the main reason is due to the Javascript syntax. You can use it for both the client and server-side based applications. This was created by the Facebook team.


Those who want to gain work with a light weighted-framework can adopt the Backbone framework. The source of this framework can be used for single-page applications. It was designed under a pattern of MV to implement the MVC design. The application gets stronger by using this framework while adding a library with Mustache and Marionette. This is mostly suitable for the client-based application.


I hope the above frameworks will help you to get some priority to adopt based on the web application. Hence make sure to analyze well to build the website as it can reduce the effort for developers.

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