Debunked The Most Common WordPress Web Development Myths
By Harnil Oza ; May 7th, 2019

The top web development companies can assist their clients in a number of ways. Debunking various myths is one of the many duties that top web development companies can fulfill. While WordPress has become one of the top platforms in the world for site building, that popularity has not stopped skeptics from continuing to believe the most common misconceptions.


Before meeting with the top web development companies, clients will need to make sure that they are on the right page. By taking the time to check out the following guide, clients are able to maximize the assistance that they can receive from the top web development companies and create a WordPress website that allows them to stand out from the crowd.


By taking the time to learn more about the misconceptions, it becomes easier for clients to find the top web development companies and avoid the mistakes that have plagued so many others. Let's take this time to have a closer look at the myths that are most prevalent and why they are erroneous.


It's Just For The Bloggers of the World


This is easily the most common misconception when it comes to WordPress web development. Top web development companies are constantly warning their clients about the dangers of treating WordPress as just another blogging platform. This is the sort of platform that can be used by anyone at any time. There are no limits to what can be done.


WordPress is used to power a significant portion of all websites in existence. It is safe to say that the vast majority of these websites are not all blogs. Businesses utilize WordPress on a regular basis and so do clients in a wide range of other sectors. Corporate sites, eCommerce stores, universities and even companies that are listed on the Fortune 500 use WordPress.


WordPress Lacks The Proper Security


There are a number of developers who do not take the time to work with top web development companies to learn more about various platforms. As a result, they are left with a false idea of what to expect from WordPress. This is especially true from a security standpoint. Many business owners and corporate site builders still believe that WordPress cannot offer them the necessary security.


Meanwhile, those who are actually using WordPress know that this is the furthest thing from the truth. WordPress is tremendously popular because of the level of security provided, not in spite of it. Best of all, those who are in need of additional security can make the adjustments that they need within a few simple steps.


Brute force attacks and malware attacks are always going to take place, whether the client chooses a different platform or not. By utilizing the proper security plugins, a WordPress user is able to avoid the typical attacks that tend to take place. Specialized security services are also available to clients who are in search a more personalized form of protection.


eCommerce Sites Will Struggle


The top web development companies are always working with eCommerce sites to make sure that they are achieving their full potential. One of the most common myths that still surrounds WordPress is centered around the lack of success that eCommerce sites will typically have.


On the contrary, this myth has only grown legs for one specific reason: there is no default shopping cart available on WordPress. While this is a concern that most will ignore, there are still some who believe that this will keep their online business from achieving all of its goals.


Fortunately, there are several plugins available that can take the place of a shopping cart feature. These plugins are available to those who are selling physical goods and they can also be added by those who are looking to sell digital products (i.e. goods that are not actually tangible).


The Future Is Not Promised


Meanwhile, there are those who believe that WordPress is functioning just fine for now. Yet, they also believe that this success is going to be short lived by nature. There is a certain idea that has been allowed to circulate regarding the effectiveness of WordPress from a long term standpoint. This is pure myth.


There is no real evidence to support the idea that the future of the platform is uncertain. In fact, WordPress' status as a leader in the world of open sourcing makes it hard to believe that the platform would go anywhere anytime soon. A community of developers is responsible for working on WordPress related issues.


This makes the future bright for all those who are currently relying on the platform and even those who plan on using the platform in the not so distant future. The community consists of a wide range of people who are not going to vanish overnight. Hundreds of ideas and thousands of people will not fade away without a moment's notice.


In a world where it can be tough to learn more about the top platforms, WordPress is refreshingly simple and easy to use. The top web development companies can offer further background that allows users to debunk myths and avoid falling victim to the common misconceptions.


While the platform is free, it is of the highest possible quality. Clients of any kind can benefit from its usage and those who allow themselves to believe outdated myths are only missing out on the myriad of benefits that WordPress has to offer them.

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