Considering a Web Design Mentor for your First Website
By CharlieBrown ; December 5th, 2018

Whether you are a fresher designer or self-taught on designing to develop your business website, the service of a web design mentor may be useful to succeed. Someone who is experienced and updated in the field of web design can surely teach you ways to ignore unwanted noise and go par with the latest and important trends.


A good mentor can also be the source of constructive criticism to correct you while moving forward. However, the tricky part is to find the right mentor to meet these objectives. Let's discuss a few essential things in finding out the most reliable Nashville website design mentor.


1. Know the reason why you need a mentor


Without knowing what you have to accomplish with the help of a mentor, one may be simply wasting time or money. So, it is essential first to define your focus to understand the specific skills expertise you may expect from someone who can guide you.


Find a mentor may be a short-term arrangement in order to strengthen your skills. On the other hand, sometimes you may be looking for someone to have a long-term association with to keep on giving inputs into your ongoing website management and help tweak the designs based on analytical data. Defining this exact requirement may surely help you to point down the most desired one.


2. Check your mentor's design works


You should compare the works of possible mentors who find who stand out. You may have worked with such persons before or maybe admiring someone's works by going through the portfolio. Either way, if you get inspired, then work towards creating that type of work by your own someday.


A mentor should bring more value to your assets. If you are enthusiastic about your work, it will surely get them excited to share further what they know and make use of their expertise to develop your skills.


3. Value their time, and yours


Irrespective of being overtly talented, it is also essential to find a dependable and consistent mentor who will respect your schedules and also their own. If you find someone continually canceling or rescheduling your appointments, they may probably overextend themselves and committed too many things than they actually can.


On the other hand, it is also ensured that you aren't a flake. Once if you get their valuable time dedicated to you, you must show up on time. When you do, always be ready to get the work move forward.


4. Seek for critical feedback


You met get client feedback, which may be more focused on the performance in terms of results or brand awareness. However, a mentor may get you critical feedback about how your website navigation works across the platforms or kind of header arrangement, which can drug in more attention.


A skilled and experienced designer can provide constructive criticism, which will help fine-tune the technical aspects of your web pages. They may also be pointing out whether the things you have done are correct or not. Having a fine balance may help maintain your self-esteem when you work towards making your best possible web design work.


More than all these, a right mentor can also be a door opener for you to get connected to more industrial specialists and other companies. This will help create new opportunities too. An experienced mentor will be in close in touch with the reputed design fraternity, and you also get an exposure to it under his or her mentoring.

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