6 UX Trends To Look Forward in 2017!
By Lauren Ebsary ; January 16th, 2017

If you do not know so UX is the short form of "User Experience" and if you talk about UX, so that happens to be overall experience of using any product and services by common people.

No doubt, 2017 will be the year of highly effective UX trends, which famous brands and businesses will follow. So if you are also aiming to launch your startup business in 2017 then make sure you do not overlook these UX trends.

As it comes to User Experience from any company's perspective so it is to satisfy customers from all aspects while using its services and products.

It means you will also have to focus on satisfying your customers from all aspects in the next year. And followings are some great UX Trends of 2017 so make sure you go through all of them as that will benefit you a lot.

1. Micro Animations

When it comes to the UX trends of 2017, so you will have to start with mice-animations. Keep in mind that they are the animations which assist users by revealing some great visual feedback and revealing different changes more effectively.

You must know that through micro- animations, explaining about products and services is not the difficult task anymore.

2. Personalization Will Be On The Rise

If you dig out about Personalization so you will find that it creates a great user experience which is properly customized for every customer of the company.

So make sure you do not overlook it as that will definitely help you to give a customized user experience to your valued customers. And that will eventually make you stand apart from competitors.

3.  Self Service Feature

While discussing the next year's user experience trends, you cannot overlook this specific trend. Next, the year you will witness that companies will empower users to solve their problems themselves.

You must know that this trend will grow a lot in 2017, so make sure you give an option of self-service to allow your customers to resolve trivial matters without asking you for it.

4.  Originality Will Be A Rule And Not An Exception

In 2017, there will be a growing focus on the originality and almost all kinds of businesses will be focusing on it. So before you kick off your journey of ensuring your strong presence on the internet, make sure you are coming with unique and original content.

This means will keep you away from increasing the use of Stock images and videos, which will not be worth using.

5.  Omni-channel experience Will Prevail

If you do not know so it happens to be the multichannel approach. And businesses leverage it in order to provide a great shopping experience to customers. Now whether customers shop through their desktop or through a smartphone, they will get the extremely seamless experience of shopping. It means you will also have to focus on adapting to this trend in future.

6.  Live streaming Will Dominate Social Media

Yes, it is another important thing which you cannot overlook when it comes to UX trends of 2017. Now businesses are more into this great trend in order to attract new customers. And when it comes to live-streaming so in this regard "Facebook live" is getting its great popularity. And with all that 360-degree videos are also getting their popularity.

All these above-mentioned are some great UX trends which will be popular a lot in 2017. And every online startup will have to opt for these great trends in order to stay successful in the corporate sector. So makes sure you do not ignore them and leverage them effectively.

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Lauren Ebsary is a Web Developer at Assignment Writing Service firm. In her free time, she writes posts on web development trends, ecommerce, and online shopping. Her other hobbies are music, movies, and painting. You can contact her on Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook.

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