SiteKreator Reinvents Website Creation Platform for Businesses, an award-winning service which enables small businesses to instantly design and host elegant, feature-rich and engaging Web sites, has introduced the industry's most powerful, customizable, and elegant design platform yet, SiteKreator Aurora. Along with Aurora, SiteKreator has completely restructured its small business packages to help users better match a pricing program that includes the features they need at the price that best suits them.

All SiteKreator packages include a 14-day free trial. The business version starts from $19.95 to $39.95 per month, including a domain name, email, and global high-performance Web hosting.

The new Aurora is a completely brandable platform for designing elaborate, interactive, and customizable business-ready Web sites -- all with one-click ease. Aurora delivers the ability to instantly create a more effective Web presence through a rich choice of branding options, design themes and color schemes. The result is a unique site that leverages the identity and style of the company, rivaling those produced by professional design agencies and designers.

"Online site builders and software have been on the market since Web 1.0, but the difference is that they either create cookie-cutter, basic sites or they are too complicated for business owners to actually use without the need for design and technical expertise," said Ivaylo Lenkov, CEO of SiteKreator. "SiteKreator Aurora is the only design tool on the market that is intuitive enough for anyone to start building sites that are not only stunning, but also feature the corporate branding consistently throughout each page -- complete with matching graphics, color schemes, and layouts. And, most importantly, SiteKreator sites can also include interactive features that enhance the online experience and improve customer relationships."

Aurora offers enhanced capabilities for creating a sophisticated navigation structure that scales from a few pages to a few thousand. It is the first design platform to open a new dimension in building the web site navigation structure by enabling section-specific navigation. This helps businesses define different navigation panels for individual sections, which results in a well-structured, easy to navigate site.

SiteKreator was developed for entrepreneurs, SMBs, and independent professionals who want to leverage next-generation web technologies without investing thousands of dollars or requiring technical or artistic expertise. SiteKreator's upscale designs help business customers build fully branded and feature-rich sites in as little as 30 minutes, and, are scalable and customizable to grow and adapt for almost every application.

Sites built with SiteKreator attract visitors with an elegant and consistent look and feel. SiteKreator also keeps visitors coming back for more by fostering two-way communication though interactive features such as blogs, Web forms, newsletters, and discussion forums. Web site information can be tiered through multiple content layers by adding members-only areas and registration forms to encourage people to share key information in exchange for access to deeper layers of meaningful content.

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About SiteKreator

Based in Santa Clara, Calif., SiteKreator officially launched at DEMOFall in 2006, the premier launchpad for innovative technology and services. SiteKreator has also been featured at industry-leading events that are defining the new online business landscape including the inaugural Office 2.0 conference in 2006 and Under The Radar: Why Office 2.0 Matters in May 2007.

Currently SiteKreator powers over 35,000 Websites worldwide. The company has been recognized to provide one of the most high-density web hosting technologies on the market, capable of managing spikes in traffic without the slightest dent in end-user performance.

The SiteKreator team has extensive experience in enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS), Content Delivery Networks (CDN), sophisticated visual art design and usability.