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Fellow bloggers and internet enthusiasts, the venerable and respectable practice of maintaining personal web logs, known around these here parts as blogging, is now exactly one decade old.

Linux Magazine has published a short, yet radiant, review of the open source web page editor Quanta Plus. According to their article, which requires a free registration to view, Quanta strikes a middle ground between a WYSIWYG editor and a pure text editor.

It's OK, the title is not a type character mess-up. This is a demonstration of a nifty, if quite useless, way of presenting letters that are turned upside down. Wonders of Unicode, eh?

Over at Wikipedia Commons they have a fairly informative graphic with the evolution (or is that intelligent design) of all the web browsers from the very first one -- Mosaic, to the latest shiny pieces of web surfing software. This is the link.


Hereby, we are claiming our own Technorati Profile. With this step, the editor's blog is now registered with Technorati -- the dedicated search engine for blogs. We hope this will help to connect with people who are using Technorati to get in touch with other web design and development enthusiasts.


Who would have thought. A beta version of the latest Safari browser is available for free download from Apple's website. The browser was previously available only for MacOS, and testing on Safari traditionally posed problems for PC-based designers and developers.


You have no doubt encountered some nifty CSS tricks for creating rounded corners without images. Now there is a way to add cool rounded corners and shadow effects to images, using JavaScript.


Here is a video of a slightly mad person drawing a cartoon character entirely with HTML, using tables. Warning: crazy Japanese sountrack. Enjoy!

We are currently fine-tuning the Primer for performance, and mail server and database connection glitches are possible in the next couple of days. Please accept our apologies. Now, where on the page layout to place a nice "Beta" logo...

HTMLPrimer.com has been redesigned and relaunched with new features aimed towards improving usability and user collaboration. The site's main attraction, the Collaborative HTML Primer, is being reintroduced in a wiki-like format, which enables site visitors to edit its contents. Other improvements include a new flexible user management system, an Ajax voting system, and improved design layout.

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