WordPress Web Design - Likely Trends in 2018
By Maria Jones ; February 27th, 2018

WordPress has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for web design and generally speaking, it gained quite a lot of momentum in 2017. One does not expect the focus on performance and security to go away, individual web developers will be free to get on top of new trends in design and development without trying to reinvent the wheel. What this really means is that none of the trends in WordPress design and development are radically new; instead, they represent a natural evolution of practices that are currently in use. Some of the top trends in WordPress web design expected to be popular this year:

Daring Color Schemes

According to the head of web design of Tayloright, a leading web development and SEO agency,  more people are waking up to the importance of color psychology in users and how it can be leveraged to improve initial attraction and retention of users. Rather than keeping your color palette subdued in an effort not to distract users from the content that you are marketing, you should think more in terms of using bolder color schemes to draw attention to the content. Of course, you will need to maintain a correspondence between the selected colors and the sector that you are in but remember that following convention is a very easy way of getting lost in the crowd.

Adventurous Use of Typography

For far too long, websites have restricted their content in extremely traditional typography, especially in the main content. It is quite likely that many web designers will break free of the monotony and start being really creative in the use of typography to communicate to users. Of course, this does not mean that conventional typefaces will be thrown out of the window, but it is very likely that we will see a lot more experimentation in how headers will be presented.

Hand-Drawn Graphic Elements

It is no secret that fonts that represent natural handwriting often serve to give your web design a more personal feel that results in a better connect with the users. In 2018, we are likely to see more sites adopting hand-drawn typography as well as sketches and diagrams to convey ideas and establish a more one-on-one relationship with the user.

Understated Animation

Using animation is a very effective way of locking in users to your web page; however, this feature largely has been underutilized. It is possible to undertake subtle animated effects that will lend a new dimension to your website with the use of either CSS tools or any of the many commonly-available WordPress plug-ins.


Since WordPress is a very versatile platform that enjoys a lot of third-party support, web designers have lots of opportunities to experiment with the appearance and engagement levels of the web design. This year it is more than likely that intrusive pop-up advertisements will fall by the wayside and be replaced by pop-ups that don't disturb as much in areas such as the top or bottom of the page in the form of sticky bars.

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