Why WordPress Is A Great Choice When Building Your First Website
By Steven Clarke ; February 27th, 2017

Your website is your storefront, so it is essential that it is both aesthetically appealing and fully functional. That is why choosing the right CMS is the first logical step in creating your first website. WordPress stands out from its peers by being extremely versatile, while at the same time open source, or in other words, free to use. This allows you to invest in other aspects such as premium themes and plugins and quality web hosting, while having a CMS that offers you a wide variety of options out of the box. Here are 6 reasons why WordPress is the best choice for you.

It's open source software

As previously mentioned, WordPress is open source, which means that you can download it for free and utilize it in any way you like. There is a great community of WP enthusiasts that are constantly working on improving it, and you get to benefit from their work for free. The only things that will cost you are premium themes and advanced versions of plugins that you have to pay for. The WordPress community is extremely helpful, so you can always find support if you are building the website yourself.

It's quite SEO friendly

Google simply loves WordPress, due to its responsiveness and extremely logical architecture. Search engine spiders have no trouble crawling your website for necessary information, in order to improve your ranking. Every page and post can have its own meta tag which enables a more accurate search. While WordPress offers some SEO options right out of the box, there is a variety of SEO plugins that you can install in order to boost your SEO efforts.

It's very secure

The people behind WordPress take its security very seriously, so while its popularity might attract hackers, it's safer and more secure than you would think. It comes with an automatic update feature that you can enable or disable, which keeps your security up to date with all recognized threats. If its own out-of-the-box security features aren't enough for you, there are also security plugins that you can install, which make WordPress almost a completely secure software.

It offers a variety of themes

WordPress offers a lot of themes that simplify making your website look the way you want it to. Every theme comes with its own predefined set of features that are easily applicable to your pages. They come with about every look that you can imagine, whether you want to make your website have a magazine look, or if it's a site for a particular business niche. You can easily apply wanted colors, add images, change the background and choose the appropriate font. If you want a truly professional look, you should invest into a premium theme.

It's extremely easy to use

You can easily reap the benefits of how user-friendly WordPress really is, no matter what kind of website you have created, dynamic or static. There is a great number of built-in features that help you to easily update your website or incorporate any desired functionality. Adding, deleting, and editing content is quite simplified, without the need to have any coding skills or technical knowledge. Next to creating a website, proper maintenance is essential. This can be automated with various plugins.

It offers a lot of plugins

One of the biggest reasons behind the fact that about 75 million websites use WordPress is the fact that it's easily customizable with a large variety of plugins. You can add any kind of functionality that you desire to WordPress, as it offers amazing plugins that can cover all of your needs. From freemium plugins to premium ones, you can add various features that are related to content creation, visitor engagement, boosting your speed, SEO functionality, security, and more. You can create content in the form of galleries and slideshows, or turn your website into an ecommerce site and gain insight into the data about your audience and traffic.

In summation

WordPress is an extremely versatile content management system, which offers you a lot of options and features that can help you customize your first website and get the best results out of it. It's a universal platform that is easy to work on, with only basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL. By using WordPress, you are joining a great community that can help you out with your website building and that you can also contribute to. Another great thing about is that it's mobile-friendly, so it is up to date with the modern era of smartphones.

About author

Steven Clarke is business consultant for WebDel Wordpress development companies in Syndey. In his spare time, he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. Steven is a regular contributor to several websites.

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