Why Link Building Still Remains Important For Online Marketing
By Selina Jenkins ; October 21st, 2016

The social media has now emerged as an important business tool that everyone wants to take advantage of.  If you are wondering how this has happened then probably you have missed out on the content marketing aspect that is closely linked to social media. Since content marketing and social media go hand in hand and as content marketing surges ahead, social media is also gaining importance. Content being liked and shared on social media is definitely encouraging but how much business it can garner is the question. After all, the content you develop is meant for developing your business. For real business growth what is actually required is to stretch beyond the social media and gain traction from those areas.

Reaching beyond the social media

How can you then reach beyond the social media and make your content popular?  It's simple - by going back to the basics of SEO that relies on link building. Since 2012 when Google introduced Penguin, there has been a trend to keep away from link building. This has happened due to some misconceptions that made people believe that Google discourages the activity. However, Google does not discourage it at all but asks people to do it legitimately. All you have to do is to play the game by the rules and avoid manipulative techniques like spamming and other black and grey hat activities. This would surely give you much competitive advantage in making your content seen to others.

Why you need link building

The social media actually helps to reach out to more people but does not do enough that can make business happen.  It is only through link building that you can make your content seen by others. This is where the power of NY SEO lies. It can take you through the process of link building to ensure that your website gets the kind of traction that you want. They can show you the way to showcase the content so that it catches the eye of the target audience who get an opportunity of evaluating its worth. If the content is of the right quality that evokes their interest then surely they would come forward to link with it. Thus you acquire the much needed links that adds more value to your business.

Building quality links

Like charity begins at home, the exercise of link building should start with the relationships and assets that you have.  For link building you have to identify resources that take interest in your niche so that they also benefit from what you give them. Actually, it is a process of give and take that mutually benefits both parties. Such relationships re long lasting and give results that also last long. The content that you share has to be informative and helpful and not mere sales talk. This would also help you to serve quality content that adds true value.

Use the social media to extend your reach and integrate the SEO techniques with it to get the best benefit of marketing.

About author

Selina Jenkins is an IT expert with a lot of experience and has been working with Chicago SEO. This revolves around marketing and customer services on various social media platforms. She has gained enough experience and written many articles on customer services including this very elaborate piece. To read more, visit the website.

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