Why Good Design is Important for Startups
By James Helliwell ; November 11th, 2016

Most Startup founders believe that in order to compete in the marketplace with pre-established companies, they must go head-to-head for assets such market share, existing customers and so on. While they are not entirely wrong, it is counter-strategic start-off by competing on the same level with giants who might well crush you with their resources.

For a Startup to succeed it must find its niche and begin with the small things before growing to take its position in the big leagues. Design is one effective way.

"Design as a competitive strategy is something not many businesses have caught up on. Yet, when used properly, it can skyrocket a small company to competitive positions." Emily-Jo, chief designer RedFern.co.uk

Here's why good design, in all its ramifications is valuable for Startups.

1.   First impressions count

Using a familiar analogy, dating. Imagine you are going on a blind date, you wouldn't want the other person to be put off with the first thing they see, so you spend a bit more time on your appearance. You don't get a second opportunity to make a great first impression. Similarly, your first set of customers don't know what your brand entails, but wowing them with attractive visual elements, and a decent user experience from the start is enough to get them talking about you.

The good thing about impressive design is the association with high-quality. Even if you aren't in the position to rub shoulders with big-wigs in the industry, a discernible design strategy can get you through the door.

2.  Storytelling with Design

Brand storytelling is almost too used in the industry, however, it doesn't belie the importance in differentiation. Brand managers can use a well thought out design strategy to tell their brand story. It's no news that thoughtful design can evoke the emotional response from consumers, especially with the right combination of colour and imagery.

Something as simple as a phone case with a suction technology that allows users attach their phone to any surface can endear a brand to its customers. Design can be used to narrate simplicity, technology, value or anything you want it to communicate.

3.   Branding

What is a company without branding? Startups can communicate the essence of their brand through various designs. From their logo to the web design and casing for product packaging, Startups can stand out from other competitors in a unique style. Royal Oud, and Arabian perfume has a packaging so unique, it can't be displayed on the shelf, so customers have to ask for it. Smart, right?

Here are more examples of branding with design-led packaging.

4.  Great Design Leads to Conversion

A Startup with a clearly defined conversion optimisation strategy can outsmart its competitors with simple design. Knowing where to place your CTA, right use of white space and application of directional cues to optimise conversion are steps in the path to success. For businesses with click-based streams of income, excellent web design can set you apart immediately.

Before Startups can take over the competitive market, they need to start from the basics.

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