Tips to make your WordPress website search engine optimized
By Anastasia Watson ; June 19th, 2018

WordPress is a popular open source platform which has been used for creating excellent websites. This web platform can be used for creating professional-level business websites as well as blogging platforms. No matter what kind of site you want with this open source framework, it is always required to promote the site carefully. Promoting a website online is a job that involves a lot of planning. Proper planning and then executing those plans with perfection are most fundamental parts of website marketing or online business promoting. To make a WordPress based website more SEO friendly, following ideas can be taken under consideration.

1. Choosing Theme and Layout

If you want to make your WordPress based website more SEO friendly, you should choose a layout that features lesser images and more text contents. With text contents, it is easier to get better SEO results. Having a lot of images on home screen or home page of a business website is not recommended. It makes the site to appear clumsy. Nevertheless, the welcome page will be slow to load, and visitors do not like the sites that take a long time to load.

2. Adding Keywords in Content

Essential keywords that are related to your business have to be found. For finding keywords, veteran SEO campaign experts use various tools. When keywords have been selected, you need to insert them wisely in your website content. To check keyword density and to make the contents perfectly optimized for the search engines, you need to use Yoast SEO or similar WordPress plug-in for your purposes. You can get in touch with the experts of Pro Chrome Media Marketing Company to know about the best keywords that match your products and services.

3. Social Media Widgets

It is important to add social media buttons on the website so that your site looks trendy and at the same time it can gain better exposure. For business marketing, one cannot deny the value of social media marketing these days. Every social media platform is unique and having presence in more than one social media website will eventually help your business to make exquisite progress. Having social media buttons is essential, as visitors can like your website page and share it with their friends on social media. As a result, your website will gain excellent exposure.

4. Find SEO Related Plug-ins

In order to help small businesses and bloggers, who cannot afford to purchase premium SEO tools, WordPress has come up with almost uncountable plug-ins and widgets. Having these plug-ins installed to your web server will help your website to do better in terms of online business marketing or SEO.

5. Add Daily Blogging Platform with Website

Business websites should have blogging section where they can share various business-related articles to share knowledge with internet users. Sharing knowledge is a noble thing, but most importantly it will fetch you SEO benefits. The blog will drive more visitors towards it and eventually the website product or service pages will get more exposure from the blogging platform associated with your website.

Hopefully, the ideas I have shared above will help you to make your WordPress based website more SEO friendly.

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Anastasia Watson is the author of this article, and she is a veteran SEO expert for WordPress blogs and websites. Know more about Pro Chrome Media Marketing Company in her articles.

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