Number of Monthly Advertisers on Instagram Reaches 200,000
By Ben Patrick ; March 24th, 2016

Everyday, a new entrant joins an industry and makes the competition stiffer to some extent. In this situation, it becomes hard to tap new customers. However, an ambitious businessman never surrenders and tries his level best to survive. The resources used for generating leads are becoming scare. Therefore, businesses have switched to online mediums for promoting their brands, which cost less than traditional promotional mediums. In addition, marketers have chosen social media platforms for conducting marketing activities to drive engagements. However, among the social media platforms, Instagram that offers photo-sharing facilities have become favorite among advertisers and the number is now touching 200,000.

What Is The Reason for Such Growth?

Instagram has recently announced that the number of monthly active advertisers have reached 200,000 in approximate. In June 2014, Instagram had a few hundred advertisers.

Instagram devised its ad program, which marked acceptance among marketers within five months. The Head of Business and Brand Development suggested that the photo-sharing platform has grown to the popularity throughout the world. Company's statistics suggest that 75% of the advertisers belong to non-US countries.

Businesses Have Noted Difference When They Chose Instagram

Pet Love, a Brazilian ecommerce company recently switched over to Instagram and found that customers gave effective response to the campaign. The company saved 30% cost as compared to other online channels.

A Germany based supermarket called Rewe gained some advantages from using Instagram. The company reported that the ad recall rate improved by 37% after the campaign was run.

Customers View about Instagram

Instagram is a superb platform for advertisers to reach prospects and influence their behavior. The company conducted a survey some time back and found that 75% of the users take action after seeing an Instagram post. 60% of the respondents said that they gather knowledge about services or products through Instagram.

Specialty of Instagram

In order to engage your prospects, you have to feed blogs or related posts on regular basis. However, writing or sharing feeds require lot of time. So, you need a scheduling tool that allows you arrange contents and automatically shares to readers. This way you gain likes and followers. You can also engage service providers like Instamacro to generate followers and likes to your business campaign.

Increased Engagement

Depending on the quality of the post, branded updates on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are skipped by users. This does not happen in case of Instagram. A latest survey has confirmed that Instagram posts generate 120 times more engagement than Twitter.

Builds Trust

Branded contents are required for driving engagements. One of the benefits of using Instagram is that this social media platform can help you to generate trust towards your brand. Instagram allows you build emotional connection with your targeted audience. With Instagram, you can share experiences of your business in casual and informal manner and provide personal feel to your business.

Helps in Traffic Growth

When you use Instagram, you would find that you could not add clickable links to every update. However, Instagram can be used as a powerful source of generating traffic. With the higher levels of engagement than other social media platforms, developing and maintaining a strong profile can be substantially advantageous for your site's visibility.

Gain Competitive Advantage

 A past survey has found that competition on Instagram is less than other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Companies that deploy Instagram in their marketing strategies would easily reach their target audience than with Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram is a social media tool that provides substantial scope to advertisers for promoting their brands. The tool allows you to share your day-to-day experiences with users in casual manner that creates bond your brand and finally leads to purchase making decision.

About author

Ben Patrick is a social media expert. He designs marketing strategies on Instagram for his clients by using Instamacro. Read more about his professional achievements by clicking here.

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