A Look at Some of The Best Examples of Websites and Blogs Created Using WordPress
By CharlieBrown ; March 14th, 2018

Ask any blogger or website developer about his or her favorite content management system, and the chances are high that they will say WordPress. The platform offers a myriad of customization options and web development tools, and the smart use of themes and plugins can make a website stand out in the crowd. Over the years, a vast number of elegant and attractive sites have been created using WordPress. If you are thinking of building your first website or revamping your old one, you should consider this globally popular CMS. Take a look at some of the leading companies that decided to go with WordPress when building their official sites.


Vogue Magazine

The print media ruled the roost before the internet swept everything away in a wave of digitalization. In that pre-Internet era, one magazine that stood out for its class was Vogue, which was (and still is) a leading fashion and lifestyle magazine, and today has 24 international editions, each of which is considered an authority on the latest fashion trends. However, with its stylish layouts and unique approach to advertising, the website of Vogue has managed to hold its own among its competitors.


Van Heusen

Van Heusen is an American clothing company with shops and products all over the world. That is why its website has more images than text. However, the unique layout of the site goes perfectly well with the visuals and highlights the attractive qualities of the clothes. The website is so well designed that it feels as if you have walked into a real showroom!


MTV Newsroom

The massive traffic on this blog is a testimony to what a great CMS can do for a seemingly simple three column blog layout. Launched in the early 1980s, MTV was one of the first music channels on television, and the blog gives the latest news and views about music and celebrities, and it also incorporates themes like fashion trends.


Time Inc.

Time Inc., the American mass media corporation, sold to Meredith Corporation earlier this year, is known for publishing over 100 magazine brands including Time and Fortune. However, here we are going to talk about its website and how it uses WordPress creatively to highlight all the different brands under the company. It is due to the unique customization features of WordPress that it is possible to achieve.



One of the most popular features of WordPress is that it helps websites to improve their loading times. Being a technical company, TechCrunch knew just how to use various themes and plugins efficiently to keep page loading times under control. In fact, they used WordPress to bring down their average loading time to less than 3 seconds, as informed by one of the WordPress experts at Dragon Advantage.



We all know about the social media platform that is the first-place people go to when they want to nourish and develop their careers. WordPress has been instrumental in helping LinkedIn create a blog which has become a widely respected hub for career-oriented insights and advice. Not only are the articles informative and insightful, but the visual appeal of the blog is in no way less than any other well-designed blog or website.



Famous as the world's biggest and trusted shipping service with services in 220 countries around the globe, UPS has a less well-known blog called Upside. Two things stand out in Upside. First, it is not like the usual corporate website or blog which hardly takes any trouble camouflaging its product promotional efforts. On the other hand, Upside highlights its lesser-known employees and the fantastic work they do to ensure that every shipment is delivered on time. Second, the tone and tenor of this blog's URL is matched very well with the brown and orange themes of the parent website.


Canadian Olympic Committee

WordPress was the CMS of choice when the Canadian Olympic Committee planned to overhaul their website just before the Sochi Games. Being oriented towards sport, the brief for this website was to give a great user experience to sports fans and keep a correct balance of text-based information and visual magnets.


Mike Rowe

Mike is the well-known host of Dirty Jobs, a popular TV series on Discovery Channel, where he takes up messy jobs alongside the real people who do them. This website does not take the expected route of posting videos but contains beautifully structured static content which makes it a top-rated site that draws substantial traffic.


These are some randomly selected websites and blogs which highlight the several ways WordPress can help a website mark itself out from the crowd. There are scores more like these.

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