Innovative Ways To Use SMS Marketing With Better Texting Values
By Jack Dsouja ; October 29th, 2018

If you ever thought SMS was just for confirmations and announcements, then you must think again.  There are some savvy campaigners out there who are using SMS marketing just for boosting conversion rates, foster some loyalty and even trying to build some lifelong customer based relationships. There are plenty of companies, which might make frequent use of the SMS marketing for grunt work of the conformations and announcements with some good reasons though. Everybody nowadays has cellphone and most of them keep it close 24 x 7.

The simple form of message service will also act as sidekick to the social media or email campaign. Once you are through with the preamble, now it is time to get real with the main deal.

  • Use SMS as the current benchmark for covering multiple bases:

Any cellphone and anywhere in this world can easily receive text messages. In case you are campaigning to broad demographics or even across borders, you have to sum up your keys within the 160 characters and even include the SMS broadcast on the current media plan. This step proves to be quite cost effective in nature and text messages also happen to have higher open rates. It means you get the chance to boost awareness even among those who are not able to take up right offer now. You have to follow this idea straight while dealing with church texting as well, just like any other form of SMS marketing rules.

  • Using SMS for determining which customers are still associated with your business:

Most of the customers, even now, will treat SMS as deeply personal. So, there is a simple request, which can work wonderfully for you. A simple message like "Hi NAME, get 50% off on next meal by showing this message" can often get you some terrific response rates. It is always proven to be an effective way to just keep the lists of the users quite up to date and honest. It can further save you a lot on the white mail and admin costs.

  • Using SMS for sending offers to customers not just for rewarding them but also reminding aboutbusiness:

SMS is always stated to be an effective business medium for trade stores and outlets. It will allow them promisingly to make timely offers and even the response rates will turn out to be just amazing. In some parts of the world, retailers will use SMS marketing for the dine in for two meals offers. Now guess when they are going to send the message? They will send it when the busy commuters are just leaving work. That's the perfect time for them to catch up with partners and grab a bite!

  • Best ways to integrate SMS with email campaigns and even your e-commerce:

Don't just make those mere 160 characters of an SMS do all the work for you! You can easily tweet a stat, which states that with 1.75bn phones now becoming smartphones, SMS messages containing URL will carry higher rate of click through and it is true! Adding up URLs will always encourage subscriptions which can always be turned out into conversion. Moreover, the total customer view might get the chance to get improved by just adding SMS into email and e-commerce sales as it might allow you to just track customer's activity back to SMS.

  • Using Direct Mail as box and SMS as key:

There are chances when the conversion rate for the DM might be 4.4% just like most people want it to be. Are you planning to boost it? For that, you have to send text message within a span of 24 hours of delivery with an extra incentive offer. It will definitely help you to get some more people trying to open up your envelope.

  • Try running customer surveys which are not that big to swallow:

There are very few customers who might get time to engage with longer survey forms. Any program of SMS messages staggered for few hours might elicit better information and that will come with some superior response rates. Now the main question is why. It is mainly because any concise question with easier MC options will take less time and customer effort when compared to a complete questionnaire.  Furthermore, customers can answer the questions anytime and anywhere. They just have to message if they liked the option.

  • Finding out the influencers of your business with SMS:

Remember that not all customers are likely to be created equally. If you are aware of your advocates, you can always concentrate primarily on the resources like inside tips, offers and more. You can further make them feel quite special. Finding customers is what SMS can do brilliantly. All you have to do is ask three simple questions on how they might rate you from 1 to 10 scales. They will text answers back into database. 20% or such a number might recommend you to friends and family. They are mainly your influencers. They are the one to add extra insight to sales department. These influencers are often called as unpaid sales department!

  • Using SMS data for tailoring marcomms across media:

After you have segmented audience into those who are procuring interest and those completely engaged.The advocates and aggressors will use data to talk to one another as individual. They will do that not just on SMS marketing but on other media too. The best platform provider can always help in defining messaging and even copy, which will treat customers like their only ones. It helps in boosting sales, awareness and conversions.  The customers are going to be enthused by personalized touch for just receiving relevant and even some wanted messages.

Following these norms will clearly help you to use SMS marketing in some of the most unique manners. You might even have to work a bit harder to use SMS marketing for ultra-customized communication by just learning the best times to contact your customers well. Following some simple points can help you win easily.

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