How To Start A Video Marketing Campaign?
By Stephen Taylor ; June 19th, 2017

Since you are already here, it is safe to assume that you are planning to jump on the video marketing bandwagon soon. Like any other marketing segment, it needs planning and even distribution of resources. So you need to take the time to understand what your brand wants out of the campaign and what you can give to your audience.

Here is what you should do to make web video for your brand or product -

i.  Watch a lot of videos -

This is an obvious step that most companies tend to skip. If you want your video marketing campaign to be a success, go ahead, and binge on some of the highest rated video marketing campaigns. This will give you a clear idea on how to deliver your desired content to the target audience.

Check out what your competitors are doing. Find out how many views a video like yours can get. Estimate the response logically. Do not keep vague ideas about views for your first video. Know that the viewership will be limited. Focus on marketing your videos better with every post.

ii.   Hone your storytelling skills -

Do not make your video just another sales pitch. People see enough of that already - they are TVCs. You need to create something different and unique. This is why we need you to tell a story. Tell your brand story and how you started out. Tell your audience about the people behind a product or an idea. The main aim of a video is to give your business a human face. The moment you humanize a product or a business idea, people are going to react emotionally. 73% of the people who see videos until the end are likely to purchase your products too.

iii.  Start small, start steady -

You need big ideas; you do not require a big budget. You should start small, but make sure the quality of the deliverables is high. Today, the quality of phones we have, enable us to create high-quality videos at home. You do not need a high-end camera. Just make sure you record a lot. It will take you a while to become comfortable with video.

You do not need high-paid technical help from your first video as well. Just make sure, your sound quality is decent. Your viewers should be able to hear what you are trying to say.

Starting small gives you the scope of experimentation. Since fewer resources are at stake, you can explore new concepts and styles before you settle on one that works best for you.

iv.  Perfect is just another phase -

Yes, that's true for video marketing! Your first video does not need to be perfect. It just needs to convey the right message. Do not waste time and resources to get the one perfect video.

We are not saying excellent videos exist with unicorns. We are saying, work with what you have. You need to make the most of your budget, technical expertise, and marketing channels. If you optimize what you already have, it will work create a bigger impact on your target groups. Your video-making skills with improve with time and your audience will grow with time.

v.  Don't forget Facebook -

Even in 2017, when Instagram is taking over the world, most marketers consider Facebook their green pasture. Create every video with Facebook in mind. All the ads on Facebook are cost effective. Facebook sees the most number of video shares every day.

Before publishing, find out what Facebook Insight has to say about your brand. Each Facebook user now posts 75% more videos than in 2015 and your customers on Facebook are likely spending 3x more time watching live videos as compared to other videos. Always seek the latest data about the social media response to your brand videos, in general before posting or going live.

vi. Keep it short -

People do not have enough patience to sit through a whole movie. If you think they will sit through your brand video for longer than 30 seconds, you are gravely mistaken. Research shows, you will lose one-third of your viewers by the end of the first 30 seconds.

This means you need to reach them before the first 30 seconds of your video. Another study confirms the videos that deliver the message within the first 10 seconds are most successful in reaching the audience. It is all about timing. And while you are at it, make sure the video is interesting. Keep it short and sweet.

vii.  Prepare before you deliver -

Make sure you know what you are doing. Read instructions, watch videos and do your research about a video set up before you take the plunge. You need to prepare your video set, make the script, storyboards and promotion ideas before the project starts.

Each project has its requirements. Sometimes these are highly accurate. If you do not have enough experience, make sure you get someone who does. You may not have the world's most expensive video equipment, but the right setup should do the trick.

Added advice: always include a few "behind the scenes" shots. This helps in humanizing the company, brand, and product. This will also give a quick tour of your workspace. Giving your audience a whiff of who you are and what your brand is all about, works marvelously in engaging them emotionally and increasing conversion rates.

Video marketing is not the easiest, considering the technical requirements. However, it is indeed the most efficient way to increase consumer engagement and drive higher conversion rates. Videos have the highest ROI. You need to plunge right in if you are looking for a quick rise in your sales.

About author

Stephen Taylor is a marketing expert. He has his consulting firm in LA. Lead by Stephen, a team of brilliant young minds is working to redefine the parameters of digital marketing. Look out for his webinars on how to make web video for new product launches and companies.

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