How To Avoid The Common Pitfalls Of WordPress Web Development
By Ricky Brown ; August 14th, 2019

The top web development companies are often responsible for steering clients in the right direction. In fact, the top web development companies will even assist those who are looking to get the most out of the WordPress platform. Now that a wide range of sites are being run on this platform, the top web development companies have been fielding a number of questions about these matters.


The dos and don'ts must be discussed in an open forum. This is where the top web development companies come in handy. They can draw on their past experiences to help their clients get the most out of their WordPress website. Avoiding the pitfalls is just as crucial as taking the proper steps to begin with.


WordPress has no shortage of benefits but those who are looking to enjoy them will need to make sure that they are avoiding the downsides. By taking the time to look over the following checklist, clients can enjoy all of the advantages that WordPress has to offer.


1. Power Consumption


When WordPress is being used as a platform, there are a number of users who are not aware of certain facts. For starters, WordPress causes the device that is being utilized to consume far more power than normal. The amount of power and memory that is used is typically considerable. As more plugins are used, the site will continue to consumer even greater levels of power and memory. A proper WordPress hosting client is needed in order to avoid these sorts of concerns going forward.


2. User Generated Content


This may seem like an advantage but it functions as a gift and a curse. The content that is being generated by the users is not going to be under the same level of scrutiny because it is not being added to an admin page. Creating an admin page that allows users to generate content safely is a difficult job but someone is going to have to do it. Any website that is operating with a large user base on WordPress must tackle this step as quickly as possible.


3. No Proper Tutorials


A WordPress site should never be created by someone who has not taken the time to properly educate themselves. Are there any WordPress enthusiasts in the area that can be provide the necessary background? If not, there is something to be said for the importance of tutorials. Keeping a site debugged is incredibly difficult when the parties who are responsible for this task have not taken the time to educate themselves.


4. Lack of Technical Skills


While WordPress is renowned for its ability to be used by even the clumsiest beginners, a lack of technical skill can cause the best laid plans to go horribly awry. The platform is as user friendly as they come but there is no substitute for technical skill. For example, there are a wide range of site runners who remain blissfully unaware of the importance of coding knowledge. A WordPress developer can certainly assist but they are not going to remain present every step of the way.


5. Failure To Update The Site In a Timely Manner


In order to remain secure and increase functionality, WordPress releases updates on a fairly regular basis. These updates are designed to assist those who need them and keep long term issues from having a chance to crop up. There are plugins that will be used to eliminate the problems that are going to arise along the way. Those who know how to utilize these updates and plugins are going to experience a greater level of success than those who do not. Updates can cause data loss but this problem is avoiding by creating backups.


6. Loss of Speed


If the website is not loading in a timely manner, it is not going to be used by a very wide audience. Today's browser expects fast loading times and does not have very much patience for unwanted lagging. While plugins are a great way to avoid any number of concerns, these plugins can also cause a site to run more slowly. This is something that the top web development companies are always going to warn their clients about. Any site that takes too long will shed unique visitors at a rate that is certainly not tenable for any reputable client.


7. Insufficient Open Source Management


There are more than a few people out there who would consider the open source management that WordPress has to offer to be an advantage. However, any advantage can turn into a drawback if the user is not careful. An open source management site is always going to be a major target for would be hackers and this is something that needs to be addressed. Malicious activities are always going to take place. That's why it is up to the site runner to make sure that they are able to remain protected at all times.


Top notch sites are being built on WordPress every day, thanks to the help of top web development companies. Each site should be developed according to the specific requirements of the client. By taking the time to avoid the pitfalls, a client can maximize their relationships with top web development companies and ensure a greater level of success.

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