Fantastic DBA Services For Your Trendy Website Database
By Jack Dawson ; December 15th, 2015

Website design has gone to a whole new level over the past few years. There are so many things that have happened over the past decade and a half. Internet became a hit at the beginning of the 21st century. This is not to say that it was non-existent before this. Internet technology has been around for a long time now. Over the years, trends in web design have come and gone. 2015 has seen some of the world’s finest web designs being created. Some of these trends that have caught the attention of web designers across the globe include:

1.       Minimalist design

This is a really interesting type of design. It is so simple yet extremely sophisticated. The thing about minimalist design is its simplicity. It is this simplicity that elicits emotions from the person visiting the website. Minimalism in art basically involves stripping down the work to its fundamental elements. Only the elements that are necessary for the functioning of the website are used.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Breaking down the work to its most basic elements is going to be extremely difficult for the web designer. However, this has not stopped it from becoming a trend in 2015. Minimalism is such a great design style.

2.       Supersize typography

Large size typography has also become such a hot trend over the past two or so years. Designers are going for the supersize typography because it captures attention with more ease. The goal of supersize typography is to draw the attention of the reader to a particular part of the website. It has been proven to work extremely well; this is why it is still a trend today.

3.       Account registration

Every website nowadays seems to have the option that allows you to register for an account. You will either be asked to fill out a form or  to use your social media account to sign up. Even if it is not a social networking site or an e-commerce website, you will still find something that you can register for. The most common are the newsletters.

4.       Long scroll

No one wants to spend all their time shuffling from one page to another one. However, everyone seems to love lists. Therefore to counter this problem, web designers across the globe are focusing primarily on the long scroll design. You scroll through the list instead of going to page two, three and whatever else comes after that.

5.       Animations

You have probably seen this in your YouTube channel, as you load a video, you can play ‘snake’ by scrolling using your keyboard. Well, this is just one of the many animations that are being used nowadays. There are so many rich animations that are being developed and used in website design nowadays. There are the loading animations, hover animations, galleries and slide shows, motion animations and many others. It is a serious trend.

Developing your website

There are so many things that you have to consider when you are building your website in 2015. Aside from the few trends that have been mentioned above, there are several fundamental factors that must be met. For instance, when you are building a website, you should make sure that   in addition to  the web design service, you also get database creation services.

Building a database is very important for all websites and generally all businesses. Of course, the database will require an administrator. Well, this should not be a problem because you can access fantastic DBA expert serviceseasily nowadays. Internet technology has made it possible for people to access remote database administrators.

The biggest challenge in creation of a database is the architecture. You will need someone who understands the job properly. Constructing a database is costly and time consuming. However, if you get a professional to get that work done, you can be sure that it will be completed in a very short time and correctly. A lot of planning has to be done in order to ensure that you get a database that is scalable, high performance and fault-tolerant.

Once you have your database in place, you should hire a DBA. There is the option of getting one to work in your office. As your business grows, their work also increases. The problem with this is that you cannot keep them as busy as you would want them to be. The work is usually not that hefty at times and so, they will be done with the work by mid-morning and off to other activities like reading newspapers. This is why option two is the best- contract remote DBA services.

Make the most of internet

The fact that these services are available online makes things so much easier for everyone. So now that you have your website designed as per the latest trends, the next thing should be to get the DBA. There are these companies that provide DBA services remotely. With internet technology you can get just about any service nowadays. You can have a database administrator working on your database from any corner of the planet.

It is very important to have a database monitored. The data that is coming in and the requests that are being made to the database have to be tracked. This way, you will not have corrupted data coming into your database. You will not have unauthorized persons checking out your data whenever they please. Simply put, the security of your website’s content is going to be maintained at its best.

The cost of hiring a remote DBA service provider is significantly lower than hiring an in-house IT expert. If you hire an in-house DBA you will have to pay benefits, give vacations and so forth, like you do with all other employees. At the same time, you will not be able to keep them as busy as you would like them to be.


Whilst you are in the business of keeping up with the trends in web design, it is important to make sure that you are also up to date with the latest in database construction. Constructing a database does not have to be such a huge problem. It is costly but your website needs a database, right? Get an expert to do the construction part of it and a remote DBA to keep a close eye on it for you.

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