Do You Want Your SEO to Work?
By Nathan Gomez ; December 3rd, 2015

All businesses, whether are small or big, should be involved in search engine optimization. With the right SEO strategy in place, any business can compete in search results with their competitors for exposure, traffic and sales. Furthermore, the return on investment from a successful SEO campaign is quite high, while the cost per customer acquisition is low. With the right SEO agency looking after your SEO campaign, you can start seeing significant returns on your ROI.

It Starts With Your Website…

It’s pretty simple really. To make any SEO campaign work you are going to need an effective website. If you are planning on getting a website designed or redesigned, make sure the development agency understands SEO. Having an SEO agency involved in the web design process will save you time and you will be able to rest easy knowing the new website is built in accordance with SEO in mind.




Websites that are Search Friendly

-         Page loading speed is just as important as design. Search engines and users alike, love websites that load fast. It doesn’t matter how it looks, if it takes 10 seconds to load it will never perform well in search engine results.

-         Content is the driving force behind SEO. However, you should avoid duplicate content as Google hates websites that has it. The solution here is to hire a quality writer that understands SEO copy writing. These writers can help you produce quality content that is SEO friendly and can attract visitors from search engines.

-         A responsive website is a website that is visually appealing as well as easy to navigate. With today’s society fixated on mobile devices, having a website that is mobile responsive is a good way to tapping into your audience who constantly use their mobile devices.

Knowing Your Keywords

Keywords are key phrases that customers use to search for your products and services on Google. Your SEO agency will able to give you a comprehensive list of keywords, but you will need to do your part and let them know if you operate internationally, nationally, locally or in multiple cities. This would help them in their research when presenting key phrases related to your business, competition on key phrases and the search volume for each key phrase.

After the keyword report is ready, identify the keywords with substantial search volumes that will accurately describe the searchers intend to find, learn more, or buy what you are selling. From there, you will need to create rich in content webpages to target these high volume keywords.

2015 is all About Content Marketing

Forget traditional link building and start focusing on content marketing.

Links are still considered the most influential factor that search engines consider when ranking your website. However, there is a very fine line between bad and healthy links. It takes no more than a few good links to take you to page one from page ten in very little time. Conversely, a few bad links can get a website penalized and de-indexed from Google which is harmful to your bottom line. Remember, quality links from sources that are relevant to your website work best.

A few very good links can get you to page one from ten in no time, a few bad links can get a website penalized and de-indexed from Google. It’s not about the number of links anymore, it’s the quality of links that matters. Quality links from relevant sources work best.

            Taking on Content Marketing

The best way to build a high quality link profile is to forget link building and start focusing on content marketing. While you could come up with your own strategy, it’s probably a good idea to source out a content marketing agency who can help create quality, engaging content.

They will be able to instruct you on what the best ways to market your content are. These include publishing on your blog consistently, contributing content to other related blogs and promoting your content on social media. As your content is published, viewed, mentioned, and socially shared, you will begin to develop a quality link profile that drives awareness, and attracts prospects to your website.

Being Active on Social Media

Social signals are now having an impact on rankings. Any brand that is actively making use of social media services, tend to perform well in search. Generate brand awareness, create engagement, and use social media to bring prospective customers closer to your business. Having an effective social strategy, with the right content and audience, will create engagement and promote exposure. All of this will contribute to positively influencing rankings.

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Nathan is an enthusiastic internet marketer. He maintains keen interest in progress and development in the digital marketing space. He also provides consultancy to small and medium sized companies to build their brands online, design and execute their online marketing strategy to propel business growth.

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