Choose Oracle to build your business database: Importance and vitality
By John Harsh ; October 18th, 2018

These days all business owners and entrepreneurs have recognized the immense importance that business databases have and why it is essential to have a personal business database for helping with all official work. The databases are used every time by business owners to plan and formulate crucial business strategies and promotional campaigns.

A business database will help to make your business campaigns much more effective. There are different types of databases that you can use depending on your requirement. Among several types of databases, the databases that are built with Oracle will be most useful. In this article, you will learn why Oracle is the leader of all business databases. 

Understand the necessity of business databases

The first thing that you need to understand and know is why you should use a business database at all. Business databases are essentially list which hold and record all the essential data of a business enterprise. These records are useful to potentially mark out how your business campaigns ought to be designed. Your business database will also hold the identity of the current clients of your company. Business owners are required to use the records for several purposes when they want to use them, especially during the times when they want to hold any specific marketing campaign. Today, you can find several databases.

These databases will categorize in detail and with attention the information about your products and product sales so that you get more specific targeting for your business promotional campaigns. You will get more prospective clients with your business database. You will get better leads, and your marketing will be on the correct track. A business database will enhance your business strategy and let you generate higher profits and more revenues.

You will find that these days there are plenty of companies that make their business database. These databases hold all the essential information about your clients, the business prospects and good business conversion leads. However, there are also many agencies and companies which provide professional database services for a small fee.  However, whether you use your business database or hire the services of an agency, be sure that the database will benefit you immensely.

Is Oracle the best database provider?

Various studies have revealed that Oracle is most effective when it comes to business databases. Oracle is today the most popular service provider of SQL databases. Thousands of brands use it throughout the world. The popularity of Oracle comes because of several reasons. Oracle is fast, quick, efficient and highly precise with its services. The features provided by Oracle are also unique and much sought after. Besides this, the customer service is also excellent and helpful when you face any issue. Thus, overall Oracle is the best database provider and many businesses have used it successfully for their varied needs. 

Why is Oracle the leader of SQL database?

The main strength that Oracle has in the SQL databases is highlighted by many studies which reveal that what makes Oracle so amazing is the security it has. An Oracle database's security is unique and should be studied. It is not only secured with multiple levels, but there is also an in-build database of Kernel security in Oracle which has made it so popular with business owners.

It must also be noted that there is another unique part of the security of Oracle databases. These databases can also be run on the non-Oracle DBMS. This will be done quickly by people who have years of expertise and experience in being able to handle the complicated environment of the customers. The security advantage that Oracle has for SQL database will be worth exploring.  

1.      Monitor the activity of the databases: A lot of SQL databases have to depend a lot on the developers who make secondary software to get certain features which will typically come in Oracle. The essential elements in this are the Database Firewall and the Oracle Auditing Vault. These help to check your database traffic on both Oracle and the non-Oracle based databases. They effectively detect and also block all types of unauthorized accesses and activities.

2.      Secured and centralized configuration: Other than Oracle, all the other business databases will have only specific limited capabilities for centralizing and consolidating their DBMS services. If the consolidation is not done correctly, then it will result in the proliferation of your database, and that will affect the overall security of the database, the management of the data and increase the total costs. But with Oracle, the features for consolidating and centralizing the data is efficient with the flexible architecture and the effective management tools that will help to make your database more aligned. Thus, the security policies should be enforced and can be appropriately implemented. 

3.      Discovering any sensitive data: The sensitive data that is present in the SQL database will be difficult to detect if there are no proper tools. This often happens in a lot of non-Oracle databases. It gets difficult also to identify the user of several privileges. But with Oracle, you will find it easy to manage stuff like detecting high risk and high priority data, find sensitive data, monitoring the policy-based privileges used and so on.

4.      A lot of database engineers prefers Oracle: A lot of database engineers who have to work with the cloud-based databases use Oracle because of the vast options and features they have at their disposal. Many users and business organizations also prefer it.

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Hopefully the information mentioned in this article will help you to understand how Oracle is essential for your business database.

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