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By John Harsh ; October 18th, 2018

These days all business owners and entrepreneurs have recognized the immense importance that business databases have and why it is essential to have a personal business database for helping with all official work. The databases are used every time by business owners to plan and formulate crucial business strategies and promotional campaigns.

By James Cummings ; December 15th, 2017

A system's reliability is measured in uptime or the length of time a website is fully functional. High uptime figures and network reliability are essential aspects of keeping site visitors happy and boosting traffic to your website. One way to ensure reliability is having multiple redundancies that guarantees that if anything happens, the website isn't affected.

By Amin Zareeka ; September 26th, 2016

Digital signs are all the rage as more businesses seek to leverage the power of technology. From football pitches, restaurants to retail stores, this has become an integral part of the contemporary marketing environment.

By Jonathan Hawkins ; August 9th, 2012
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Google has launched the new Structured Data Dashboard in webmaster tools to help site owners get even more visibility into how Google sees our site structurally. Can it help you?

By Danny Wirken ; April 13th, 2009

A .htaccess file is a simple ASCII file similar to that created through text editor such as Notepad or Simple Text. Most people are confused with the naming convention for the file. The term .htaccess is not a file .htaccess or somepage.htaccess because it is the file extension simply named as such. Its widely known use is related to implementing custom error page or password protected directories.

Creating the File

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